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Auto Service, Auto Sales, and Auto Rentals, serving Ephrata PA, Lancaster County, Berks County, and Lebanon County.
Auto Service, Auto Sales, and Auto Rentals, serving Ephrata PA, Lancaster County, Berks County, and Lebanon County.

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What does it mean to be a Dealership Alternative?

When a person buys a new car they often assume that they must have that new car serviced at the dealership in order to receive proper maintenance and to ensure that their warranty stays valid. This isn't entirely true. While you can't just take your car to any ol' garage, there are auto repair shops that can act as dealership alternatives for all your vehicle maintenance and repair needs and still maintain your manufacturer warranty. Here are few common questions about dealer alternative auto shops that many people ask.

What Qualifications does a Dealership Alternative Have?

Locally owned and operated dealership alternatives generally employ highly skilled, certified technicians that know the ins and outs of many vehicle brands. They are often owner operated business with many years of experience. They work hard to “do it right” as their personal reputation and money are on the line.

What Sort of Maintenance does a Dealer Alternative Perform?

In order for a shop to be a true dealership alternative they must be able to service vehicles in the same way that a dealership would. That means providing factory scheduled auto maintenance using the most current techniques. This includes 30/60/90K maintenance as well as smaller services such as oil changes and filter replacements.

Do Dealership Alternatives have Access to the Right Parts?

Absolutely. Dealership alternatives will use OEM (original equipment manufacturer) or better parts with all services and repairs.

Will it Void My Warranty to Use a Dealer Alternative?

No, In fact, the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, which is enforced by the FTC, makes it illegal for manufacturers or dealers to claim that your warranty is void or to deny coverage under your warranty simply because someone other than the dealer did the work. The manufacturer or dealer can, however, require consumers to use select repair facilities if the repair services are provided to consumers free of charge under the warranty. Read this Consumer FTC article for more information.

But..............if the shop uses improper service intervals or uses “cheap” oil instead of the factory recommended fluids it can void warranty. A reliable dealer alternative will use fluids that meet or exceed factory specs. Additionally it is helpful if they report their services to Carfax. This way you have great records that build value in your car and you can quickly provide maintained history if in a warranty situation.

What Sort of Technology does a Dealer Alternative Use?

True dealership alternatives use the same computer diagnostic and repair equipment that is used by dealerships. This means you're getting the exact same service you would at the dealer. They also subscribe to information services so they have all the proper specs and procedures to service your car.

Does it Cost Extra to go to an Independent Dealership Alternative?

No way. Dealer alternatives take pride in being able to charge less than a dealership. That is what makes taking your vehicle to them so great, you receive excellent auto repair and maintenance service at a fraction of the price!

If you're looking for expert auto repair service at a cost much lower than the dealer be sure to contact your local repair shop and ask about their qualifications. For a dealer alternative in Ephrata contact Huber's Auto Group at 717-733-2631. We take pride in the work we do and love helping area residents keep their vehicles healthy. We conduct all sorts of auto maintenance and repair for most import and domestic vehicles. Give us a call today at (717) 733-2631 to schedule an appointment for auto repair in Ephrata or if you're interested in our quality used car inventory be sure to stop by the lot today!

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It was a pleasure to work with the Funks on this sweet S-LINE Prestige pkg Q5. This is the 3rd vehicle they have bought from us, and it was just in time for their anniversary. Congratulations and thank you again for your business! 

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Why are Oil Changes Necessary so Often?
You know the saying, "Change your oil every 3,000 miles," but do you abide by this? While the mileage interval may be different depending on your vehicle and the kind of oil used, it is vital that you always change your oil on time. The health of your vehicle's engine depends on fresh oil. Here are five reasons to never skip or put off oil changes.

Removes Engine Grime
When you drain old oil from the engine it removes all of the impurities that have made their way inside and turned the oil to a mud like substance. This includes dirt, dust and metal shavings from minor metal on metal contact that has occurred. The sludge makes it difficult for the pistons to pump, resulting in a decrease in the engine power and fuel efficiency.

Replace the Oil Filter
As mentioned, there are many contaminants that can make their way inside the engine. As oil circulates it drops these impurities off at the oil filter. If the filter becomes clogged it will prevent oil from flowing properly through the engine, resulting in harsh friction between the moving parts of the engine.

Restores Engine Power
After draining the old oil and replacing the filter new oil is added. This restores the ability of the engine to produce the amount of power necessary to move the car with ease and get the highest possible fuel economy.

Ensures Proper Lubrication.
The most important reason to have the oil changed on time is to ensure that all of the moving parts of the motor are properly lubricated. Without the correct amount of oil, and the correct grade of oil in the engine parts can come into contact with each other which will result in massive engine damage that can be time-consuming and expensive to repair.

Use the right oil for your car.
Modern engines are built with specific tolerances to achieve performance and fuel mileage goals. It is very important to use the oil that is recommended by your manufacturer. Not just any oil at the quick lube shop will do. The proper viscosity is only half the battle. Ie. Not all 10w30 oils are the same. Most auto manufacture’s (included American and Japanese) now require the oil to pass a “standard” to qualify for used in their engines. Special additives are added like anti sludge and cleaning agents to be certified for use. Make sure your shop or auto parts store is selling you oil that meets the requirements for you vehicle. Pennzoil Pure Plus is an example of new technology that is very beneficial to your high tech engine.

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Mechanical Overview
Finally, when you conduct an oil change at a repair shop it gives the technician a chance to take a peek at the other mechanicals of your vehicle. This gives them the opportunity to check for wear and tear, impending issues, and take note of other services that need to be completed to ensure a safe and reliable vehicle.
Never skip an oil change, it only puts your vehicle at risk of massive harm. If you need an oil change in Ephrata be sure to head to Huber's Auto Group. We conduct all sorts of auto maintenance and repair for most import and domestic vehicles. Give us a call today at (717) 733-2631 to schedule an appointment for auto repair in Ephrata or if you're interested in our quality used car inventory be sure to stop by the lot today!

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Owning a BMW, Audi, Mercedes or other fine German vehicle has its benefits. They are fun to drive and are far more luxurious than most other vehicles on the road. However, like all other vehicles they do require regular care and maintenance, and on some occasions they need repair. So how do you know who to trust with your precious European vehicle? Take these steps to find the perfect German auto repair shop.

Audi S4 Engine Repair

Do you know anyone that drives a similar vehicle to you, or at least another German vehicle? Ask them about their experiences with local auto repair shops and find out if they have received great service and a quality guaranteed repair.

Online Reviews
Log on to Yelp or Google reviews and search for German auto repair in your neighborhood. There is bound to be several shops that state they can work on your vehicle, but read through review to find out if they were successful in repairing vehicles similar to yours. Peer reviews will certainly tell you a lot about a shop's ability to conduct auto repair.

Call Around
Once you have a list of possible shops pick up the phone and learn a bit more about them. Ask the person who answers the phone about any certifications they mechanics have or if they utilize factory diagnostic equipment and scan tools. Also take note of the person's demeanor, are they happy to be speaking with you or do they not seem to care. If it is the latter it could reflect the effort they put into your vehicle repair.

Visit the Auto Shop
Prior to making an appointment head on over to your favorite choice just to make sure they can help out. Look around the shop for cleanliness, tools and get a feel for how the shop is ran. If everything checks out you should feel good about making an appointment. If you use these tips to search for an independent German auto repair shop in Ephrata or the surrounding area you will likely find yourself at Huber's Auto Group by the final step. Our shop takes great pride in being able to provide outstanding repair services for Mini Cooper, BMW, VW, AUDI, MERCEDES and other European vehicles matched with great customer service. While we specialize in European auto repair in Ephrata we also work on all other import and domestic vehicles! Give Huber's a call today at (717) 733-2631 or visit us online at to schedule an appointment or request an estimate for auto repair or maintenance in Ephrata or to find out about our current inventory of vehicles for sale!

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That rumble from the engine that didn't use to be there but recently started without warning may make your car sound good, but it is likely wreaking havoc on your engine, and possibly your health. The loud rumble is a sure sign of an exhaust leak. Exhaust leaks are dangerous because not only do they cause driveability problems but they allow for the possibility of toxic, colorless and odorless fumes to enter the passenger cabin that can quickly cause a driver to pass out and die. If you experience any of these symptoms of an exhaust leak make an appointment with your local auto mechanic right away.

Decreased MPGs

One of the less common signs of an exhaust leak is a decreased fuel efficiency. An exhaust leak causes pressure issues within the engine that can cause it to burn unnecessary amounts of fuel based on oxygen sensor readings. Typically the drop in fuel efficiency will be in the 2-3 MPG range. However, a drop in MPGs related to an exhaust leak will usually be accompanied by one of the following symptoms as well. If you ever have mileage problems be sure to have them diagnosed by a mechanic.

Increased Engine Noise

Likely the most telltale signs of an exhaust leak is an increase in engine noise. As mentioned, it may make your vehicle sound better, but the noise is doing no favors for your vehicle. This noise will likely be louder as you accelerate. Leaks can happen anywhere in the system and even pinhole leaks can create a loud roar. An exhaust leak near the manifold can greatly increase engine volume and it carries a greater risk of allowing harmful fumes to access the passenger cabin. Any odd noises should warrant a trip to the mechanic.


Another common sign of an exhaust leak is a vibration sensation. If you notice the steering wheel vibrating or can feel it in the gas pedal, especially during acceleration, there is a good chance that you have a small leak somewhere in the system. The force created by gases leaking out of the exhaust pipes through small holes or cracks will cause the vehicle to vibrate.

If you suspect that you have an exhaust leak you should never wait to have it checked out, as the risk of poisonous gases entering the vehicle is very real. To schedule an appointment for exhaust repair in Ephrata for your import or domestic vehicle get in touch with Huber's Auto Group. We are much more than a quality pre-owned vehicle dealership. We conduct all sorts of auto repair in Ephrata at our full service facility. Call us today at (717) 733-2631 torequest an appointment.

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One of the largest investments you'll likely make in your life, outside of a house or education, will likely be the vehicle you use to get to work, transport the kids to and from school and pick up groceries. You will use your car for everything and you depend on it to be reliable. But your vehicle depends on you for proper auto maintenance and to take care of any necessary repairs that may come about. It's important to constantly be looking for signs of trouble so that you can make an appointment for auto repair before you end up stranded on the side of the road. If you experience any of these symptoms of engine failure you may find yourself in need of an engine rebuild or other complex engine repair. 

Metal Flakes in the Oil

When you go to the shop to change the oil be sure to have the technician check for metal flakes in the old oil that has been removed from the vehicle. If you find any then it likely means that there is unwanted metal on metal friction happening inside the engine, resulting in exaggerated engine wear that will cause your car's engine to fail prematurely. A mechanic will need to diagnose the location of the issue inside the engine to determine if a rebuild will be necessary.


Blue Exhaust Smoke

If you burn motor oil it creates a blue smoke. That means if you have large amounts of blue exhaust smoke pouring out of your tailpipe that oil is likely burning with gasoline in the motor. This usually means that the piston rings have worn down allowing oil to drip into the cylinders, which results in it being burnt in the combustion chamber. If oil is being burned it means the motor is not being lubricated properly which could lead to major engine problems due to the unwanted contact.

Knocking Sound from Under the Hood

Car engines have numerous moving parts inside of them and many of these parts rely on engine bearings to be able to move about freely. If the bearings become worn out due to improper lubrication caused by low oil levels or general wear and tear that any high mileage vehicle goes through the bearings will begin to create a high volume knocking noise. If the bearings fail completely the engine will seize, requiring immense engine repair or possibly an engine replacement.

If you suspect engine issues don't wait for it to get worse. Repair the problem before you end up needing a tow truck to bring you to your local auto repair shop for more expensive repairs. For professional engine repair in Ephrata contact Huber's Auto Group. Our team of expert technicians will diagnose the issue and have it repaired in no time. Give our full service Ephrata auto repair shop a call at (717) 733-2631 any time you're experiencing problems with your vehicle and we'll be happy to help you get back on the road in a reliable vehicle.

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Due to inclement weather, we are closed today! Please stay safe!

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Check out our new website. We welcome your feedback. 

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The Felty family bought this beautiful Golf TDi this morning. Thank you for your business and enjoy your new car! #huberauto #huberautogroup #volkswagen #volkswagenservice #vwgolf #tdi #golftdi 

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