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Joshua Pease
I am a man who'd like to change the hug at a time :)
I am a man who'd like to change the hug at a time :)

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Hey Google+ long time no see.

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"Please do not buy puppies from Jenny's Pups in Hernando. In 3 weeks I have lost 2 puppies from her home. Between the two of them, they suffered from Coccidia, giardia, round worms, ear mites, and I lost my second one today to parvo. I was told not to bring him back today because he would "kill everything she had for puppies." I was also told he could not be refunded (which we had discussed should there be any issues), because I owned him for 10 days and that was too long. 

Shame on you Virginia Hale of Hernando, Mississippi. You have zero integrity and your business deserves to be shut down permanently. The financial hardship you have caused is nothing compared to the heartache and your business will be well known by all."

Via my friend Danielle Pinkerton. DO NOT BUY/ADOPT a puppy from this person. 

Listening to a little Garth Brooks on the way into work definitely helped.

I never use Google+ anymore. I need to change that. 
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