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Real Techniques Core Collection | REVIEW |
Hello! It has only been very ( very ) recently that I have made the jump from cheap "they-do-the-job" make-up brushes to what has been dubbed the holy grail of make-up brushes. Gods Gift to the beauty world. The Real Techniques brushes. Now I was hesitant t...

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Friendly Introduction!
Hello! I'm Rachel, it is very lovely meeting you all! I though the best way to kick off this blog was to give you all a little insight to who I am, what this blog will be about and what you can expect in the upcoming weeks/months/years however long this blo...

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Hello everyone.. First and foremost, sorry. I said I would be posting twice a day and unfortunately that has not happened for quite a while. My bad. I do, however, have a very good reason! My mum had pneumonia the last few weeks and has been in and out of h...

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Neutrogena Visibly Clear 2-in-1 | Review
The Neutrogena Visibly Clear 2-in-1 is a product I recommend to family friends and the next door neighbours gran. I love it that much. In fact, if this was Tumblr I would write '10/10 would recommend'. Yes I gosh darndley would! I prefer to use it as a wash...

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Top 5 Beauty Blogs
I am on fire today! well.. yesterday, its now 00:01 here in the UK but you know what I mean. No one would be on my blog - hell, my blog wouldn't exist - if we didn't like reading beauty blogs, so I thought we should show a little appreciation to the Greats ...

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Hey guys :) To avoid confusion, I'm just letting you all know that I've changed the URL, Twitter and Instagram associated to this blog to Pretty in Neutral as it seemed to fit more to my personal style :) Its also down to this  blog post written by Anna fro...

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Simple | Skincare
The Simple skincare brand is by far my favourite. Its full of 'Vital Vitamins' and 'Skin Loving Nutrients' and has zero perfume or colours which they say is so it 'wont upset your skin' which is highly reassuring, as I've mentioned in my Liz Earle Cleanse a...

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Alexa Chung | Style Icon
                  Can we talk about her beauty please? I mean look at her! She is stunning! Her makeup is flawless, her style is impeccable.. I cannot find a fault with Alexa Chung. I think she is one of the most beautiful, timelessly elegant women to grace...
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