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Kate MacDonald
The patron saint of the faintly tainted
The patron saint of the faintly tainted

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when you want a great pair
princess martha of sweden and king olav v of norway they could converse well enough to get married i have finally come to the realisation that i might be trying to learn too many languages at once. that's not to say that i don't want to learn all the langua...

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alpha female
and now, i shall science! i have a friend who does a variety of therapies for others. i'm always slightly skeptical of the efficacy of these things [which is probably just bottled up resentment over the fact that i can't meditate ], but one thing we discuss...

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i don't feel well
although i've put "mental health mondays" on temporary hiatus, this post does sort of fit the bill, except that it hasn't taken any of the effort that those posts usually do. because i'm not capable of making that effort today, because i either skipped my m...

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making faces :: inspired by some mighty girls
some of you may already have heard this, but the journal of medical ethics  recently had what can only be described as an epic brain fart when it published an article by white, male american doctor allan jacobs advocating for a "compromise solution" on the ...

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uncle alex and the sands of time
black watch soldiers marching in mesopotamia, wwi when i was growing up, there was a photograph that hung in the landing of our staircase. i saw it every time i went downstairs to play in our [mostly] finished basement, which was pretty much every day, usua...

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in the beginning
among other projects that i'm struggling to get to various levels off the ground right now, i've had this idea that sits in my head, that i can't ever seem to do anything with. i want to do something with it, because i feel like it would power me out of oth...

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making faces :: the sixth annual shrunken head awards for achievement in beauty
yes, my lovelies, it is once again for the official more like space shrunken head awards! after thinking that i was horribly late in getting to these last year, i find myself running even farther behind this year... honestly, i picked up certain products so...

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music to my ears 2016
i am well late doing my "best of 2016" lists, but that doesn't mean that i haven't been thinking about them. music-wise, i feel like the world of uneasy listening is in a transition. i also feel like it's overdue for one, with many subgenres of sound having...

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there's an amendment for that
for many years, people like me have felt that nausea that accompanies every mass shooting in the united states; the bodies are still warm when wayne lapierre or one of his meat puppets is on television insisting that the solution to gun violence is to incre...

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the black hole of rationality
live action shot of immigrant violence in nyc i should probably make this one an ongoing series, possibly sponsored by some popular headache remedies, because i have a feeling that i'm going to have a lot of these moments. i've had a busy few days, but that...
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