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Just used Google wallet on my nexus 4 for the first time to pay for my groceries. So simple! Loved it!

An open letter to whoever broke in to my car;

Hello, you crazy street pirate you! I'll bet you weren't expecting to hear from me. Well here I am. Lets discuss what what you've taken, and just what an impact that's had. So... here we go.

I get it, that was a nice backpack, and heck, it's a nice car. I'm sure you thought you were getting something sweet! And I'm sorry to let you down. However, that backpack contained all five of my textbooks I needed for this semester. This semester that ends in a month. Lets hope this has inspired you to maybe lift yourself up out of the street life you must have, and better yourself. You hit those books hard buddy!

Now I'm sorry that all you got away with was a nice backpack filled with some college textbooks. Kind of an ironic thing when you think about it? I'm a decent person in college bettering myself with help from those text books. You're a scummy street pirate looking for something easy to sale... and you got stuck with those books. Hey maybe my accounting book will help you better manage your pirate accounts, and my macro-economics book might help you see the waisted and burdensome cost you create in society. And when you're done you can wash it all down with my political ideologies book and learn how John Locke says that people like you are why man must rise out of the state of nature and form a society.

I'm sure the rush of breaking in to my car in broad daylight on a busy street RIGHT in front of my work must have been so thrilling. And I don't want to sound like a nag... but you left quite a mess. Now in my house growing up, you could have as much fun as you wanted, but you had to clean it up afterwards. Maybe keep that in mind next time you're pirating about. Also, if you're not gonna use those books, maybe consider giving that backpack to one of your pirate kids. It's really nice, and I'm sure they'd appreciate it. I know I did when my dad and step mom gave it to me for Christmas.

Good luck with all your pirating endeavors and enjoy your loot.


Cody M. Christensen

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I'm oddly excited for these cases! Especially since I own each one of these phones.

When I hear a reporter on +CNBC use the phrase; "They're using a device with THE android," I worry about how much they actually know about what they're talking about. I use a MacBook Pro with THE MacOS. Cut out the 'THE' it's so jarring and makes it sound like you're "THE" 100 years old.

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The picture says it all. RIP +Google Reader. You'll be so missed! One of the few websites I used every single day. 

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Google Reader is being shut down. I'm so depressed about this. 
Well, it's been a pretty rough day for us today.  First, only one of the two us got an IO ticket.  Then we learned that Google Reader is going to be closing it's doors on July 1st.  This was a huge shock for us.  We didn't see it coming.

We have put a lot of ourselves into Press and have pushed ourselves very hard.  We want everyone to know that we will continue to develop Press.  Next up will be version 1.2 (we promise we're still working on it, but we have some big changes that we will be announcing soon).  After that, we're going to be looking into what other Google Reader alternatives are out there that we can tie into.  We're hoping that a strong competitor will emerge in the next few months.

Definitely a rough day...

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Did this ad just take a dump on the iPad? Maybe... 

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Boy how the tables have turned.

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Damn right it'll serve the public interest!
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