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Writing Teen Novels
Authors of teen novels on writing teen novels.
Authors of teen novels on writing teen novels.

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Using Setting Descriptions To Convey Mood In A Novel, by Monika Schroder

Monika Schroder is the author of 'Dog in the Woods', 'My Brother's Shadow' and 'Saraswati's Way'. Monika has worked as a research assistant in the German Parliament and has been a teacher/librarian at schools in Egypt, Chile, Oman, India and the United States. Monika lives in North Carolina in the United States.

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Editors: Working With You To Make The Best Book Possible, by April Henry.

April Henry is the New York Times bestselling author of mystery and thriller novels. Her novels have won a range of awards and have been published in many countries. April lives in Portland, Oregon.

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How To Tell Good Literary Agents From Bad Literary Agents, by Amy Kathleen Ryan.

Amy Kathleen Ryan is the author of 'Glow' and 'Spark' in her Sky Chasers science fiction series (aka Glow series), and several other Young Adult novels. She holds an MA in English Literature and an MFA in Creative Writing. Amy lives in Colorado.

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Developing Characters For My Teen Novels, by Kate Forsyth.

Kate Forsyth is the author of more than 25 fantasy and historical novels, including numerous series, published in a range of countries. Kate is also completing a PhD in fairy tale retellings. Kate lives in Sydney, Australia.

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Using Characters And Setting To Situate Your Story In Another Culture, by Kashmira Sheth.

Kashmira Sheth is the author of novels including 'Blue Jasmine', 'Boys Without Names', 'Keeping Corner' and 'Koyal Dark, Mango Sweet', set in India or with Indian characters, as well as a number of children’s fiction books. Kashmira has also taught at Solstice MFA in Creative Writing Program at Pine Manor College.

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Using 5 Senses In Your Novel Writing, by Pauline Francis.

Pauline Francis is the author of three teen historical novels; 'Raven Queen', 'A World Away' and 'Traitor’s Kiss', published by Usborne, as well as many books for younger readers. Pauline lives in the UK.

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Crafting Your Novel's Plot And Characters To Sustain Story Momentum Throughout The Middle, by Sam Hawksmoor.

Sam Hawksmoor is the author of 'The Repossession' and 'The Hunting', both dystopian science fiction novels published by Hodder/Hachette. Sam has an MA in Media Arts and has been Course Leader on an MA in Creative Writing course. He also edits the web magazine Sam has lived in Canada and the UK.

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Making Time To Write Your Novel, by Lish McBride.

Lish McBride is the author of 'Hold Me Closer, Necromancer' and 'Necromancing The Stone', both Young Adult speculative fiction novels published by Macmillan. Lish holds an MFA in Creative Writing from University of New Orleans and lives in Seattle.

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On Joining A Writing Group Or Writing Alone, by Paul Volponi.

Paul Volponi is the author of urban teen novels set in New York City. Paul is also a school teacher, does school visits and has worked as a journalist. Paul lives in New York City.

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On The Inspiration For My Teen Novels, by Laurie Faria Stolarz.

Laurie Faria Stolarz is the New York Times bestselling author of her Nightmare series, her Touch series and a number of other novels. Laurie holds an MFA in Creative Writing and lives in Massachussets.
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