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I am starting a fund raiser in great (guilt) but i cant sit there and let my best friend in the whole world to me be affected to much by the event. My friend and boyfriend Farstar Enoch was diagnosed with cancer last friday and requires a serious 8 hour surgery operation on the neck and mouth. Farstar lives in Australia witch means his surgery is free and all medical things paid for. the issue lies in his work that doesn't offer home sick pay and needs some support. I'm taking this news very hard as i knew something was wrong but we didn't know for a few weeks after (Today). While we hoped and pray for the best the worst thing happens. Not only does he have to deal with the most saddening part. I became severely impacted and upset. so upset i haven't built or did anything with Opensim for the last few weeks of wondering what was wrong with my best friend. I now dedicate all my resources to helping this kind person who has been the best to me for 8+ years. Anyone who donate will receive a none commercial copy of the Cuteulala Park OAR. You can donate any amount! even if it was a penny that qualify you for the oar! Cause idk what im gonna do. I'm pretty devastated by the news. I'm probably gonna take a few days to process all this info.
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