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Hey there!

We just moved a new build to our beta channel. You should receive an update to EyeEm 5.15.1 soon. No groundbreaking changes - we added some little tweaks to missions overview, fixed some annoying crashes and incorporated another SDK.

What to test:
- Interacting with Missions
- Photo editing suite
- Photo upload

Feel free to report any issues or feedback, and thanks for your help! :)

Hey there!

Just a small question for you guys - does any of you have Huawei Mate 9 device?

Hey there!

And it's time for 5.12.1 - basically the 5.12 + some still hot crash fixes from our Devs. Please update and let us know of any issues ;)


Hey guys,

We just pushed version 5.12 to our beta channel. With this build you will get the ability to use EyeEm Vision technology to help you tag your photos. Just tap on "Add tags" during upload process to check concepts that were automagically recognised.

Since the feature is a part of upload flow, please check it all - along with locations tag and editing the photo description after upload.

And also let us know what you think about this feature ;)


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Hey there!

We are trying to get more data about our beta testers, so that we could help you guys better in the future. So here comes the most important question of all times:

Could you specify the device / devices and OS version you are currently using? 

Hey there!

We pushed a new build to the beta channel. New version (5.11) has some changes regarding profile designs and onboarding process. We also added a lot of fancy animations ;)

Let us know if everything is working fine on your end. 

Hey there,

We are using beta testing for Android and iOS apps, but since the number of testers is growing, it's getting harder and harder to manage beta testers. Not to mention that, for example, Google+ Group solution is quite suboptimal for processing feedback / reported bugs.

I was thinking about trying Google Spaces, but then again - this tool was not made for beta management, the UI shortcomings are going to be obvious and annoying.

Could I ask you guys what tools do you use to manage communication during beta tests? 

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I would say that the next step should be to generate aesthetically appealing photos automatically ;)

EyeEm photographer of the year 2016 -> Skynet

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