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Jędrzej Kamiński

Hi there! We just released EyeEm 6.3 to the beta channel. New feature:

Native blog

Go to the Discover feed and tap on any blog article to experience all the native components mixed with great written content. Follow buttons, likes and comments, you name it. In addition we've fixed some less known bugs.

Let us know what you think about this feature or if you see anything fishy ;)

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Jak to jest z tą hipnozą? Czy ona w ogóle działa? Jakie są jej ograniczenia i co dzieje się z naszym mózgiem gdy jesteśmy poddani hipnozie?

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Hey there!

We just released EyeEm 6.2 to the beta channel. This time we've added a semantic tagging feature - when you are uploading a photo and you are choosing the tags, the first set is picked by our EyeEm Vision technology. But then you have the rest of the suggestions below. After the update suggestions are going to dynamically change if you pick some to add to the photo. This way we can show more detailed and specific concepts, and you are sure that you've added more relevant keywords.

Let us know what do you think about the feature and if everything is working fine on your side. Thanks! ;)
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Ciekawe wyniki badań na temat tego jak inni odbierają nas gdy posiadamy tatuaż. W końcu z jakiegoś powodu dekorujemy swoją skórę...

Hey there!

We just pushed EyeEm 6.0.7 to the beta channel. This version should fix all the translations tags popping around the app. Additionally some copy was adjusted to fully support the model multi-release feature.

Let me know of any weird behaviour!

Hey there!

Yesterday evening we've pushed another version of our app to the beta channel. This time it's EyeEm 6.0.5.

New things:
- Android O is no longer crashing like crazy
- You can see the EyeEm Selects scanning process as a system notification (time remaining, pausing and so on)
- System notification about new suggestions found
- Various bug fixes

Let us know of any weird behaviour and of course about what do you think of the new notification.

Hey there!

New build was just uploaded to the beta channel - EyeEm 6.0.1. With this one we fixed some EyeEm Selects issues - mainly UI glitches and small bugs.

Let me know if everything is working on your side. Also - what do you think about the EyeEm Selects feature? :)

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Hey there,

We just pushed EyeEm 5.16 to our beta channel. New things:
- Multi opt-in process for submitting your photos to EyeEm Market
- Some signing in improvements for new users

If you want to check the new and shiny feature, go to your profile, tap on the market tab, and then on the FAB button. If you have some photos that are not opted in to the Market yet, you will see "Choose from Profile" option. It will take you to the grid where you can opt-in multiple photos at once.

Please let us know if everything is working fine on your end ;)

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Hey guys, we just pushed another build to beta channel. Your app should automatically update itself to version No major changes - we just wanted to provide the Samsung S8 filter fix as soon as possible.

What to check - Filters and other tools from the editing suite.

Thanks! :)
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