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I'm against SOPA / PIPA, and here is why.

I think that we, the architects of the internet, are able to create bottom-up solutions for current and future problems. A good example of this is Creative Commons, and here I am at Google talking about how it affects "piracy" in my world of digital photography. this video should jump ahead to 11:48 automatically

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The Guild, S5 Ep 4 "Ends and Begins" now streaming on MSN!

If you're not caught up, all Season 5 eps here: (FIXED)

(Still on Xbox. & here's a video to help you find it

And yesterday we posted a blog w/our favorite Claracorns thanks for these and the 100+ other #Claracorn entries!
Please spread the word if you like the show, we have no advertising just word of mouth. Help your friends catch up with this season, thanks :)

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This article is a total failure and I'm extremely disturbed. The Onion is usually funny and right up against the line without crossing it. This crosses it. It was meant to be funny, and if it were written flirtatiously I would have laughed pretty hard. But as it stands, I'm pretty sure the author of this article is a rapist or a pedophile or a panty sniffer or a sleazy photographer or some combination of them and it just makes my skin crawl.

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They're really moving a lot lately! Holding off to see whether this is really worth it or not...

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They are pretty awesome! Marcus Joyce pointed them out for my listening pleasure. :)
Digitally Imported Radio ( has been around for a decade. I've enjoyed their music from the days of SoundJam and early iTunes and Web streaming. Now their channels are built-in to Sonos and other places, but no matter the place you get your music, their channels are excellent. My preferences include their Trance, Classic Trance, Goa-Psy Trance, Hard Trance and Vocal Trance channels. Now they've got an Android app. I just sent the app to all my devices. Go get it. :)

So I decided to check out this person I don't know who added me to one of his Circles. The guy's About page looks good,... Programmer, developer, made some pretty good websites...

I click over to his Stream and see a post about what Facebook has that Google+ doesn't.... and it's one of those damn Facebook games. Isn't it bad enough to get spammed THERE? That's one of the reasons I LIKE G+... NO SPAM YOUR FRIENDS GAMES!!

Before you crawl up my ass about not taking a joke... He wasn't. He was dead serious and talking about how great it was... his "favorite of the Facebook social games" thus far.

Don't get me wrong; when I'm in the mood I will play games on Facebook... but there's a fine line between privately playing a game and NOT posting to your wall or spamming your friends "oh pretty please this game won't let me level up or anything unless you join my campaign please please please JOINNNNN!!1!" death grip

I suppose what I'm really trying to say is, you're a member of a tech-savvy community, by and large. You are here as a Beta tester and Google+ actually DOES take and use your feedback. PLEASE don't be a jackass and ruin this place for those of us who are trying to escape the mainstream spam filled, emo-tastic, every time I block a game from posting to my news feed 5 new ones become popular realm of Facebook.

Furthermore, anyone who ignores this cease and desist request should know in advance that you will either be removed from my circles or, supposing you added me and want a reciprocal follow, will not be added to mine. I shall be exercising one of the most BEAUTIFUL and understated (probably because it's largely misunderstood and the flexibility of which is completely underestimated) features of Google+ :) I love you, Circles!! You make privacy and stream filtering SO much easier than Facebook!

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Here's a Google Doc that is being created about Google+ It's titled "A Collaborative Document: (or how 120+ people wrote a book at the same time)" Despite the title, it's actually a guide being created by Google+ users on how to use Google+. And they're using Google Docs to write it, of course. This is a nice illustration of the post I made on the first day about how Google+ is making Google stronger. Read that here:

It also shows the way in which Google+ users are similar to Facebook users: when given the tools, they will contribute positively to further the service. I mention that point about Facebook's platform strategy in this post about Zuckerberg's first public response to Google+:

In the past, I've used Google Docs mainly because I wanted web access to files. I've never collaborated on it, and now I'm hooked on doing that. Google+ is making me use Google products that I formally only had a slight interest in. In the past week, I've started to toy with Blogger & Picasa. Why switch to Gmail, I used to think? Yahoo will do just fine. I've been using Gmail more and more.

Btw, welcome new users, I see the invites are open today -- read this guide for tips.

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Ebonics - the unofficial 1st language of the USA. Followed by Mexican (as any SPaniard will snobbishly inform you that what we learned as Spanish isn't). English is in there somewhere..
Sorry we closed we out of meet?? o_O
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