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Isaac Friedman
Computer programmer by profession, perpetual off-and-on rabbinic student by hobby.
Computer programmer by profession, perpetual off-and-on rabbinic student by hobby.

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The new Ubuntu LTS is out and this new in-browser tour of Unity makes me cringe just a little less at the thought of upgrading. Right now I'm on 11.10 and GNOME3.

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In case anyone here is interested in my programming project, text manipulation, perl or any of the above, I have posted my first program to github. Check it out at

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This is old news but I only found out about it now. Apparently some people at MIT decided to develop a massage-based social network. Because that doesn't open up a can of ethical worms at all...

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Hangout was an epic fail. Guess I didn't promote enough.

Just noticed a minor bug in hangouts. Whenever you decide to invite someone else, the hangout gets reposted to your stream..

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Uninstalling patience: a few seconds remaining... wait! 3 days remaining... now it's 10 minutes... 0 seconds remaining... back to 4 hrs. you go.
█████████████████████████░ 90% COMPLETE

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Self explanatory. Hit +1 and share it on.
I wonder how viral something can get on Google+, so l'd like to conduct an experiment.

Share this post from whoever you discovered it from. But when you share it, increase the +1 in quotes below by a digit (do it in the comments on the reshare). So if it says +3, make it a +4. Hopefully this will show how far something can be reshared.


P.S. -- I thought I'd throw in an lolcat for good measure.
~ Ben

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