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Jason Noronha
Resistance Agent @AxLIvY recruited me... GO YELL AT HER... I was @JayceeN97 from the ENLIGHTENED. But now I'm @Ryze4mDeAshes
Resistance Agent @AxLIvY recruited me... GO YELL AT HER... I was @JayceeN97 from the ENLIGHTENED. But now I'm @Ryze4mDeAshes

Good day Agents,

I am an ENL Agent from a remote city in coastal India. My account was terminated yesterday unfairly, and I personally think that it is because of the faulty GPS System in my phone...

My phone is a XIAOMI HM NOTE 1S and yes, it has a bad GPS chip (in my opinion)... It takes an average of 20 to 30 seconds for me to get a GPS signal while I'm Playing Ingress...

Yesterday, the scanner was really jumpy... It was jumping around 10 to 20 meters in all 4 directions... And that was on my way home....

I still kept the scanner online and recharged all the nearby anchors and everything was fine untill I reached the bus stop, My scanner had a completely different map over it and my "character" was collecting all the XM on the road.... I immediately knew that something was wrong and killed the app immediately... (since the place I play has no XM even on roads)

And in the evening, when I went to check keys, all that i saw next was an E-Mail that read something by the lines of " your account has been terminated ... "

I immediately knew that this is because of the GPS Glitching since due to similar circumstance, 2 other agents had been banned, and that too quite recently...

Now I'l left with no option other than to start all over again. Not to mention September 24th Anomaly in Mumbai, All the precious gear, mods are gone... Moreover, keys and everything is lost...

Levelling up to 10, with just 40 USABLE* portals , ie 4 Million AP with just 40 portals and Little to NO RESISTANCE in the area (i.e Waiting for a week for fields to decay) has already taken a toll on me, and that too, because of a faulty GPS chip manufactured by XIAOMI.

I have little to no hope of getting my account back, but I'd like to feel happier that noone else gets this because of a faulty GPS...

Thanks Niantic... You're the best. :(

** ^This is what I think has happened... When I asked local Faction group, I recieved news about 2 other agents who ere banned recently**

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Christmas OP by ENL Udupi and Banglore...


Layers: 14 (approx)


Gokarna (3 Portals)
Davangere (1 Portal)
Bellary (1 Portal)
Udupi ( 2 Cluster [4 + 3 + 4] )
Goa (1 Portal)

MU Gained:

(1.8 mill * 4 Layers)
(2.3 mill * 4 layers)
(5.3mill * 2 Layers)

Total of almost 27 Million MU... 15 million before Checkpoint...

Vacations are the times, when agents from other cities come back to their homes to spend the holidays.... but, for us, it only means one thing, OP... I heard that our long missed agents @Yorwos and @Yorkivuos were coming to our district, which has an Ingress population of each faction, being in the ratio, 2:1 (ENL : RES)...

Yes, just 2 ENL gents and 1 RES agent... They had already contacted our OP Planner @LifeOfPai so that he could prepare for the OP... We met everyone on 24th evening and keys and all those flashy goodies were exchanged...

@LifeOfPai chose the 3.30pm on 26th Dec as the checkpoint... The original plan was to use this Temple town's 2 major Clusters - Krishna Mutt and Ajjarkad Park to maximise Layers... @Yorwos and @yorkivuos left for Gokarna (the initial point to which links were thrown from Udupi). It is located almost 160km from here Udupi...

@LifeOfPai had called another Agent @RadioSlayer to accompany us in one more Anchor portal located in Bellary...

We started the OP at around 2.45 pm... The Gokarna team coordinated with @LifeOfPai and did the Layers With a very remote portal located in Davangere (Pronunced: Dha-Vun-ge-ray) whose keys were delivered long ago...

I @JayceeN97 was waiting in the Park for @LifeOfPai to come, he got caught up in a bit of traffic thus we lost the CP...

We then took stuff casually and finished the OP later... Since the resident smurf had gone away for the holidays we expected the field to stay for the 2nd CP...

But one sneaky smurf was still in town... He went to a very far off portal as soon as the OP started and then came to our Park, destroyed the fields and Crosslinked... Then another smurf travelled to a very far place and threw more crosslinks to Mangalore... thus ending an almost Perfect day...

@SukheshPD was on Intel.
+Ingress +Niantic Project​​​ +NianticOps #Ingress #NianticOps
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Kudos to all agents involved :D
Battle for Global MU control begins.
Strike 1 for Enlightened.
Total mu: 1583227904
Countries Involved:Oman, India, Maldives, Sri Lanka, UAE.
Sitrep to follow.

+Matilde Tusberti+Pooja Srinivas+Anne Beuttenmüller+NIA Ops+Ingress#abaddon

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This place is 75% heaven.
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