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+Terry Simmonds answer your emails! :) Might be visting your neck of the woods next month...

Amazon is the clunkiest POS I have ever used - after this anyway. I hate trying to get anything done on Amazon (selling, buying isn't so bad). I don't know how or why so many people persevere with it

Not sure I like the rules on cookie acceptance. On I have no idea who's come from where now visitors have to accept that they want to receive cookies. I honestly doubt my visitors care about whether they receive them or not.

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Slightly regretting paying so much money for an online design tool that does not work with touch screen devices. Not sure if anything can be done about it. If anyone has any suggestions I'd be interested

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Looks like I need to make a hasty trip to the quarry in Wales. I have 2 very nice orders I need to find specific pieces of slate for. Obviously, whilst there I will stock up on the other bits and pieces I need. Just watching the weather now :)

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I wrote, and posted a press release on regarding the price and design software that we had written for, now that it's finished (well, it's never going to be completely finished - we twiddle the knobs all the time on it. So to speak) Anyway, wrote the press release and made an account on newsvine then I get an email from newsvine saying:

"Please note that Newsvine is a platform designed to enable collaborative discovery and discussion of the news -- it is not a vehicle for self-promotion. As such, it is the community's policy to prohibit the seeding of links to your own web site, and/or the posting of material deemed to be advertising or of a promotional nature. You are welcome to list a web address under the 'personal home page' field on your account settings page. A link to your home page will then be available to other users on all of your articles and seeded links.
This policy -- and all other guidelines from the Newsvine Code of Honor and User Agreement -- is designed to help keep Newsvine an honorable place. We fully understand if this particular guideline wasn't immediately clear."

What?? Have I totally misunderstood what a press release is?

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It's a shame that more customers do not write reviews on yell and trustpilot etc I just got a nice one here

What do other companies do? Do they write to their customers after the sale and ask for a review? Is that ethical? If it is, I'll do it :-)
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