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 Today we would've been married 18 years. Sometimes it seems like that was a lifetime ago. Robert has now been dead longer than we were ever married and I find that very hard to swallow.   At this point I don't know what life would be like if you were still...

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Memories of a Proposal
In the last few weeks, one of my brothers has gotten married and another has gotten engaged. It has been a whirlwind of family and celebrations and I have been soaking up every moment of it! This past weekend we were together and had the joy of hearing prop...

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Happy Heart
Robert LOVED woodworking. 
He learned from his grandfather and used to tell me how sad he was when
his grandfather died.  One of his early
memories was putting a thing that he made into the coffin at his funeral and
then seeing the funeral director remove i...

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Family Reunion
This weekend is our family reunion.  Four days of family, food, shenanigans and laughter.   All of my father's living siblings (they are down to 7 out of 10 now...) will be here either themselves or through proxy and most of their cousins too!  We will have...

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No Thank You
A week or so ago I was shopping with Munchkin.  He is exceptionally well behaved in the store.   We went to Target and then on to the grocery store.  At the grocery store, he is responsible for label reading---when he asks for foods that aren't an acceptabl...

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Where's My Handbook?
Seven years have passed. A few weeks ago was our wedding anniversary, Then my birthday my birthday and 14 days prior to that the reminder of the day my life shattered. After seven years-I have pretty much figured out "how" to survive and even get out and g...

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Thanksgiving 2014
Feeling especially grateful this morning.   I got up early and baked what I need to take to Mom and Dad's.   For once it looks like all of my siblings will be present and we will be able to hopefully have a nice meal.   This year, mom and dad won't be here ...

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Right after Robert died, I lost a lot of our common friends.  I know this isn't something that I only went through, but seems to be a common thing with people who have gone through loss.   I mourned Robert and then I mourned the loss of people who were stap...

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Independance Day and Missing Robert
It is the Fourth again.  A time for families and reflection and celebration of our country.   I will celebrate today with Munchkin but today, the void that is always there stings just a bit more than usual.  The world is missing a great Patriot.   Robert wa...

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Top Ten Experiences of Being Widowed
Six years ago, I could not see the light of day.  I could not fathom that I could accomplish anything by myself.  I depended on my family for a sounding board for EVERY little decision that had to be made.  Seriously, I was paralyzed in my grief and I put u...
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