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Today's generations are fortunate in a number of ways, many are born with a silver spoon in their mouth. Everything flows like a running river to the ocean of their wishes. Parents have been projected as wish-fulfilling gods and goddesses. Not all  but many...

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Cutting intake of teachers to aggravate unemployment problems
I could still hear the echos of pledges that the present Government made to zero the staggering unemployment figure. They've pledged colossally which to their favor translated into votes, ascending them to the governance. The people harbored mammoth expecta...

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Eavesdropping along the corridors of JDWNRH
“ Are you leaving? ” ,  says a patient attendant. “ Yes, she is discharged ” , comes a reply from a smile-lit face of the other attendant.  Next comes a heart-wrenching, heavy and hefty request for the one leaving, “ Please pray for the swift recovery of my...

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The Selfless Jewel King
At 16, when
youngsters of his age were enjoying their youthfulness, an enormous, heavy
responsibility of shouldering a landlocked country befell him. He beheaded his
youthful life when his father, the then 3 rd King, His Majesty Jigme
Dorji Wangchuk left un...

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I can feel every taste-bud of my tongue yearning for a Bhutanese
Cuisine. Right after I landed to Bangkok, I could feel reluctance of my tongue
for non-Bhutanese foods. What could be special dish for Thais went into dustbin
when it was on my plate. It’s rea...

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When taxes are looked as only internal source of revenue
Many Bhutanese are having hard time wrestling with a record number of
taxes being imposed, from vehicles to fuels to telecommunication services. There
is only one reason behind; to curtail outflow of Indian Rupees which had our
economy pushed into ailing st...

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Running round the clock
Eve of Blessed Rainy Day, I pushed my last post. Since then I took a lengthy pause, With the blessings of Blessed Rainy Day. There has been traffic of works, That was trivial but urgent. Also there has been series of calls, These had my time in a stall. I c...

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Blessed Rainy Day 2014 (23rd September, 2014)
Happy Blessed Rainy Day to all my Blogger
friends. I swam through an ocean of past, my youthful
days, those days that were jammed with memories, the memories of past Blessed
Rainy Days; a day before Blessed Rainy Day, our heart would be bubbling with

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Freely Littering Mentality
I have heard stories from Singapore, Australia
and USA, from the people who’ve visited these countries. For the first time visitors, they were
surprised to have meted out with unusual, un-Bhutanesely encounter; in
Singapore, people are not allowed to carry ...

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Suicide isn’t a panacea
Life has so much to do within a wink of life-span.
For parents, their children have to be grown up and educated to stand on their own
feet. For children, their parents bear a mountain of hopes that their children
would someday grow up to provide walking sti...
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