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Rita Cohen
Cheers to the youthful spirit, let it take us where it may!
Cheers to the youthful spirit, let it take us where it may!

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pretty insane!!!

       The Dynamic Tower of Dubai

The first moving building in the world will be built, where else, in Dubai, home to all the revolutionary architectural wonders in recent years.
The Dynamic Tower will be made up of 80 pre-fabricated apartments rotating around a central column, with the help of 79 giant wind turbines placed between the floors. The 420 meters-long building will never look the same, not once in a lifetime, the apartments will be able to spin 360 degrees, giving the tower a different look every time.

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can't wait!
I hope you guys have been enjoying the #XGamesAspenHangouts  so far!! Make sure you tune in to the +X Games Google+ page for all the action!

We have one more Hangout tomorrow from 11-11:30 AM...hope you can catch it! 

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so wish I was there!
A look at X Games Aspen day one!

Competition starts again at 3pm ET on ESPN with Men's Ski Slopestyle!
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