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I don't like cats. They would eat you if they could.

Oddly, I like men for much the same reason...

Yes, but cats have soft, pet-able fur, purr when you pet them, listen when we need to talk, never leave dirty clothes/tissues/dishes lying around, and know they'd be a lot worse off without us. Men, on the other hand, don't. Therefore, cats are better.
what is sense on women so you are looking for something sense on them. the only thing they can give you is their soul and headache:)
Lukas H
Few things... Cats are clean. One can also learn from their way of approaching life. For some people (men or/and women) cat attitude can serve as an inspiration :).
My cat doesn't like to be petted, and could not give a crap if we ever talk to her. All the men I ever knew did like to be petted.
Well how hard can it be to understand such a simple thing: they don't have to fuck a cat. That's why.
And what about the men who love cats??
Jon Dye
this post is bogus. lots of people like cats of both sexes, lots of people hate cates of both sexes, and lots of people of both sexes are indifferent to cats. thanks for wasting everybody's time today.
What a accurate discraption for a
yes that is soooooo true but what if women like what the like in a cat in a man yes that does sound dumb but its true:)
Kate... It is not stereotypical, it perpetuates stereotypes.
theyre just lonely its not that bad i <3 cats
Jon.... no one wasted your time today but you.
Cats come when I summon them. You simply just need to know how. That people don't know how is different.
How difficult is to understand women. It is the real truth. La pura verdad, que dificil es comprender a las mujeres
I love cats and men. I see the connection clearly. :)
dude,whoever posted this,not every women likes cats,if your even trying to prove a point.But what your saying is sort of true,but make up something else to post,this bores me,i was just commenting things to get over my tiredness :)
This is great!!! HAHAHAHAAA! I love it. . .too bad this is true. . .
Cats are cute little animals but most dudes are.......?
this is kind of true. i just realized to oddness.
What are the quality of dog ?
I love my cat.have him for 10 yrs now.very clean,health & smart.I love his paws,fur & purring.Meeoww! :)
Open a tasty cat food and you will see how cats adore you and come to you even if you don't call them :P
maby if all men grew a fur coat a tail wiskers and culd purr we wuld have it made
True comment except the part about hate in man, love in a cat. Those qualities endear cats to humans. Men are loveable on their own when they care without being needy.
haha..yeah...probs not...well unless ur team werewolf!
Maybe you have it wrong. Some women like cats,they are like women. We are independent. Don't listen or come when you call, we are not a dog. We like staying out all night when in good company. Like to snuggle and cuddle with someone who appreciates us.
So not true! Uh, I'm done here.......
Why is every one so sensitive it was a post/joke and it was funny....get over it c'mon where is your sense of humor... 
That is so not true and that is just dumb! I love cats and dudes!
Women are just plain out controlling just like the cats.
I hate cats they are so annoying and i am so much better with a man
Ah yes, but you're all forgetting one additional trait: Cats like to stay and cuddle.
Women like cats because they recognize the same qualities they have.
hahaha...NO they don't LOVE those qualities in a cat, but they know the cat doesn't claim to be a "loving husband" so they don't expect anything special from the cat...and they appreciate that when the cat has already eaten but still comes around, it isn't because they only want sex...LOL
you got a point, women can't make up their mind lol
Zhe Xu
Lol, it's true! But why????
lol i dont like cats mostly black cats, they kainda spooky..
women like cats the same reason they like men.
y'all behavin so childish 4 was a joke, y'all shud hv laffed over it...#pssst!!:@
This totally doesn't describe every woman...
NOT EVERY WOMEN lol where have you been?
The difference is that cats do not talk.
That's not all true! My cat comes to me when I call him for bedtime. I love cats bcoz they're smart and clean.
Women are cats LOL..That makes perfect sense now..Cats are ok to me from a distance..But I don't have one..
I love it!!! My first thought was of my husband!! 
Because cats remind them of them! Or characteristics that every woman wishes to have. be independent from men etc. Who doesnt envy cats
for me I love cat because no matter how I squeeze them they don't die. even if I pinch their ears they just have their cute meow, meow...hehehe
not true. my cat is more like a dog. he plays with my constantly, comes when he is called, and sleep all night next to my head.
yeah and then they bite your face, (it happened to me)
Dear conchita they is nothing like returning love to someone who gives it unconditionally and selfishly,
But a good cat, aka a good hunter, brings back presents to show affection without being prompted to. Will purr when happy, and be empathic when you need a shoulder to cry on. :)
I don't always like cats... but when I do they are being used in a post to convey a sexist generalization that prompts more responses from users. This whole post must have been troll bait, people.
really? most cats are nothing like that. my cat loves me. he comes when i call, he stays inside most of the time, and when he's at home he sits on my lap and purrs when i pet him. SO THERE!
my cat was exactly the same...then he died on me damn animal!
I'm so unlucky to have met nearly all of them women !!!
I never understood it either. I hate cats
Ha, They don't hate these qualities in men. They may say they do. This is what men need to do to keep their attention, but more than often don't.
hi, you think ur cats are weird??? i have two cats and one of them actually eats corn straight off the cob. ill get a photo sometime and post it somewhere... my dog eats corn too....
Hi i believe you!! I had a dog she use to eat mango!! no joke , serious she loves Ripe Mango, she would run and pick them up when they fell on the ground and eat them. She was a German Ginger.
maybe it is because cats and other animals in general love their owners in return for all the love they receive. we can't really say the same about most men and some women. true?
that is not always true some cats not all
i think that is reverse.. I AM INDEPENDENT.. i dont come when U call.. and they CUDDLE.. thats why I LOVE CATS! :))-
hey gabriella orrillo, im holly, was wondrin if ya wanna be friends on this because i am a loner at the moment... it cool if ya dont...
You forgot to add that they give freely their "UNCONDITIONAL LUV" thats why woman love them.
Cheap shot, and not even true. The cats that I know do come when called and are affectionate and playful. But cats vary in their traits, as do humans. 
lol tht is so true!!!!!!!!!^ _^
Id rather have a cat rubbin up against me rather than a hairy assed man.!
My cat died about 2 years ago at age 21. :'( Miss her a lot. <3
She was one of the best cats ever..... my aunts cat is better though cuz he doesn't scratch :)
The more I know about man the more i like cats.../
Who ever wrote that is either clueless or a straight-up shit-stirrer.
Your all fucking hater get on with your life and stop hating ffs😡😡😡
loc ho
sort of a true story. nevertheless this is hiLLARIOUS
this sure is a lot of talk about pussy (cats)
For all their beauty, women posses equal parts insanity.
cats are like women, scared of everything. and they can be fun, if the mood is right :)
that sounds just like a woman's point of veiw in life
This is funny. Read a lot of these posts and I can't believe how overly serious some people are
hihihihi women with cats
About the cat and man thing you wrote above> I will tell you why. It is because cats do not talk back, do not argue, and still love you unonditionally.
only a man could have wrote this...hmm...
stereo types r never caused by 1 but not 2 many more than practical
Except that men are not covered in fur and we don't purr. I think we can do much more than a cat sitting at home doing nothing but sleeping and purring or women wouldn't be after us for somthing! Ya think?!?! But I can do an impression of Roy Orbison growling cat in between the lines of the song > Roy Orbison - Oh, Pretty Woman (from Black & White Night)
@ all of you who are ticked because this isn't true... It's a joke. Live with it, and lol. Personally, I'm allergic to cats, so... Nuff said.
how cares if a STUPIT cat likes milk... LMAO, just joking
It's silly to feel that one's manhood is threatened by these fur-balls. You guys are hilarious. So are the ladies with all the "cats are way better" comments. This has been a most amusing read, thank you.
Is true but cats are so sweet and not always they like to be alone,also they are caring and lovely. Those are cualities women love and sometimes men haven't.
That is the damn truth lol
I honestly hate cats cuz they r soooo full,of them selves
Ms J
Because, in spite of, all these qualities, my cat makes my believe that he loves me, owns me, and I'm the only one he has. He does not watch TV or listen to music or surf internet when he is with me. And, he follows me all over the house :)
If the man purrs well, it all works out :)
haha. ... so true.. see all the comments above :)
Yea and if you don't treat your kitty right, they'll be out in the alley with Tom... 
Leo T
Cuz cats don't have wieners (at least ones that women are interested in) :P
Hahaha funny image, but the explanation: We don't expect much of our cats... because they're not meant to be lifelong companions. :P
im a girl i really dont like cats i love dogs
I'm allergic to cats but I have two dogs and I love them both dearly!
Grace L
so man is cat?
cat has nice fur, is good for woman 's hand
Cats have fur. Not back hair. That one distinction is important.
Cats are not independent,they can listen,they come in when you call,they do not like stay out all night and they do not like to be left alone and sleep,
so there is no comparison can we made of men and cats.lolx
salam.....saya menagajak rakan2 di luar sana untuk mengambil peluang ni......
biz yang mudah untuk semua golongan.....hanya melalui fb,twitter,linkedin,youtube,skye, paling penting anda biasa dengan forum..... Cepat rebutlah peluang ini....
well it's because you know, the same way guys love cars because they represent 'something' about a guys um, well, you know.... so that is why women love cats. duh. i guess that is a tough one to figure out for they boyzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....zzZZZZzzzzz
guess it puts a whole new slant on "pussy"
I don't like cats. I like dogs way better
Wellllll, women don't marry cats that I know of...
good 1 and very true....Animals carry the same value to woman as humans......
... no comment you really need to get a life:)
Guys hang out with like minded guys ; Cats hang out with like minded cats ;) 
It is soooo true to a certin extent cats can NOT give us (woman)
I don't like cats!!..maybe most women do, but definitely I don´t..
+The Internet The Internet, huh? And Google still bullshits around with the name policy?
Ha! Very funny, and oddly true...
I live with both enough said
It's funny but it's also true that women don't marry cats. When a man goes cattin' around, that's definitely different.
Cats are bitches, they do it for the fun with all the other cats arround...

+1 to the women that said their traits are like the cats, good thing they admit it.
My wife Mother Nature is a Cat person and married to me, what does that mean, Humm
Except, you can leave cats alone and they take care of themselves...not the same for men.
I left 2 cats home for a week with a BIG bowl of food and a BIG bowl of water and they were fine for a week and three days...
gee itc
it really true 90% for cat, but maybe the woman love cat cos of it was pretty.
perhaps the only important difference is that cats' affection grows the more women respect their individuality... and they show it... and never forget the person who loves them...
I have a cat that is ALWAYS running around...that is not true
Cats provide something that is living in the home besides oneself. They are something to talk to but they are independent enough to come be around you for a while and then leave you alone and give you some space. They are easy to take care of. They are great company. I live alone and would like to have one as a pet but I am not a very good house keeper. They carry disease also so I really do not want any pets.
Riddle me this + Internet - Is Al Gore the owner of this page? :-)
Simple explanation: Cats are more cute.
What makes u think u can understand a woman u better stick to cats their soft fluffy pur when pet them most have very unique personality an when they come home a woman can have them nutered why wouldnt they love cats homie lol
Cats are adorable, but dogs are cuter! Cats aren't very intoractive, dogs are VERY! Lets put it this way, ADORBLE ARE DOGS!
I don't care for them either, though we did have one way back when I first moved in with my current husband. Shadow Cat thought he was a dog. He came when he was called, walked on a leash and even played fetch! I also had a squirrel once that thought IT was a cat....but that's another story! ;)
I'm a women and I don't like cats. Or dogs, for that matter. I'm more of a bird/lizard/bug kinda chick.

I wonder what vague meme you can use in my case.
Li Ming
I thought women like dogs.
I doubt anyone knows what women like...
it really works out, if u thnk about it. LOLZ
Cats are so great. When they are in the mood to cuddle it is such fun.
The important thing to take away from this thread is that there seems to be a lot of holier than thou, self important dickbags on the internet who can't take a joke.

Tl;dr - lighten up, Francis.
HAHAHA pretty from a dickbags mouth
Maybe its just cuz cats are cuter.....?
Not to be rude, but I honestly can't stand cats. I'm an extreme dog lover.
Women and cats will do as they please, and men and dogs should relax and get used to the idea. Robert Heinlein
There is on e difference cats have claws. rarw
because cat is awesome rather than in a man ;)
Guys n galz plz add me n i'll add u back
i wonder why too..but maybe women thing that cat wont leave them like a man did..
women just expect different things from pets and husbands.
Never looked at it like that at least that's how some men are not all of us.

Nowhere does it say ALL women like cats, and nowhere does it say ALL cats are like that. It's stereotypical, but not factual.

All the best jokes have some truth in them.
+Ryan Bartke - Overly sensitive liberal whiners who go out of their way to be offended by everything... when will they ever get old and be done with...
Yah not supposed to understand woman

You are only to get along with them....
Oh, and cats are useless....
Cats are not faithful like dogs and usually they leave you....
Who comes up with these witty sayings? They should he given a Nobel Prize!
this is affensive cause some peoples cats died and there saying dis who ever posted dis up people are not very smart think before u post
I have 3 cats and 1 dog. I love them all!!! My oldest cat is always at my side, especially if I'm upset. 
LOL. I like dogs. However, I think it is easier to take care of cats. You don't have to run home at the end of the day to make sure your cat has gone to the bathroom ;)
Cats are the only pets that are still wild,unlike dogs they can still hunt.We might call them pussies...but they not.I love cats.
i love pussies..pls dnt missundrstnd k ppl...
This post is so true my girlfriend is so obsessed with cats im carlos from btr
who says there are not much women on Google+ ?
bcoz cat can be our relaxing...u know...
Hmmm....entirely true! What about gay men????
Rumors said that a man who loves cats got to be a gay.
Yup Yup Yup
Cats faith makes all things possible .
Jack Nicholson says women are without reason except in the arena of emotionalism and they believe they are without accountability there too
The secret is, that you have to be cute.
i love cats they are so FLUFFY!!!!!!!!!!
I love cats too. They taste great and stay crunchy in milk. ;)
really, its so true i hate men but cats are my weakness !
The story is a true illustration of a broken home,period!
cat's are looks like Tiger so they want that, a man who r just like tiger, women love him surely
I like cats and the only reason I let them get away with that stuff is because they are so cute and can be really sweet. :)
I read somewhere that women like cats because they are kind of baby like. Big eyes, easy to pick up etc...
Wow this was posted as joke. People need to get a grip. Dead cats, stereotypes... Jeez 
Cus men have need to make sense!
Cats don lies... But Man do.. Ahhaah...
However.. I don like cats or man.. 
What are you trying to say?
Whoever wrote that or agrees with it doesn't know cats very well. Or men.
For the record, I've never liked cats. 😊
i have a frend that eats them for lunch
Cats are nasty they climb on everything
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