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Awww thank you for including me in a circle with such wonderful people. I am honored. 8-)
Towlee!! I mean what's going on? I love you all...
No edit at all +John Fanavans this circle share shows no favoritism.
those that are butthurt for not making it in my circle should suck up to me more. ;)
Wow. What neighbors to have. Thanks so much.
Also +The Internet I do love you so much, my great provider. Even if you don't love me back. :(
I love each and every one of you :)
want to see a shared circle that doesn't have all the same people in it everytime ..
+Willie Sanchez .. i aint your "nigga" before, now, or ever .. If you don't like my comments .. either ignore me .. or go whine to your boyfriend .. i really don't care for your pseudo gangsta tough guy talk
o noes .. he's calling his homo's homies
you came here to whine about some dude not circle sharing new people. why would he circle share jerks like you?
alerting all units! .. internet tough guy on the loose! .. Do not engage! ..
>following more people than people following you

sad sad for you. 

Im the farthest from an internet tough guy and its pretty sophomoric using terms from like 6 years ago
I suggest then if you are the farthest thing from being an internet tough guy .. then lose the ridiculous gangsta talk (tho it did make my giggle) .. If your internet experience is solely based on gaining popularity & followers .. then it is I, that am sorry for you. Please don't be sad for me .. my happiness is not based on G+ follower counts .. :-)
Your profile says you are a Buddhist .. easily the most hostile one i have ever met .. i always thought Buddhists had a zen-like calm to them .. clearly i was wrong lol
+Fouad Al Ahdab .. I am not implying anything .. his profile states .. Buddhist. It's in English & not Arabic .. that may have confused you.
+Willie Sanchez .. educate me on what Buddhism is all about .. seeing as you are an expert on the subject
washing dishes is a good way to describe the 4 noble truths.

1. The truth of suffering (dukkha) .. everyone hates washing dishes
2. The truth of the cause of suffering (samudaya) .. the dishes are dirty & need to be washed
3. The truth of the end of suffering (nirhodha) .. if you don't want dirty dishes, wash them!
4. The truth of the path that frees us from suffering (magga) .. if you don't want to suffer, get a dishwasher ..

You are on a roll .. educate me some more o enlightened one ><
Thanks for including me. It's quite an honor.
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