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Third party recruiting companies are ruining this industry...

In the time it takes a photon to travel one meter, your CPU, running several pipelined and parallelized processors at 1 to 3GHz, has executed between one and thirty basic mathematical operations. These operations could apply the quadratic formula, or solve a small linear equation, or do any one of a number of simple mathematical processes that might take you several seconds with a paper and pencil.
In the time it takes a photon to travel ten kilometers - about as far as they eye can see on a clear day - your CPU has executed between ten thousand and three hundred thousand basic mathematical operations. These operations could count how many times each word occurs on this webpage, could compose and queue up a web request, or could encrypt a message so strongly that it would take multiple lifetimes of the universe to forcibly decrypt.
In the time it takes a photon to travel forty thousand kilometers - the circumference of the Earth - your CPU has executed a number of instructions that you could not count to in your lifetime. It has redrawn your screen completely ten times, processed ten frames of the youtube video in the other window, played a tenth of a second of recorded audio so perfectly that your brain doesn't care it's recorded, and done literally tens of thousands of other things that your computer has to do to remain responsive, online, and functioning.
And, finally, there are more such processors on Earth than there are people, every one of which is screaming along at this rate. There are trillions of slower and more specialized machines, living inside your credit cards, your microwave ovens, your televisions, even your light sockets, doing the same. They collectively store more information - audible, visual, spoken, written - than has been generated by every human who ever lived, and they throw away a million times as much after merely glancing at it.
And not a single one of these computers existed outside a lab fifty years ago.

The brain named itself...

"If our IT Guys are rushed off their feet then we should be worried."

RESTRUCTURING, n. Statutory rape.
Those bondholders are undergoing a voluntary restructuring - you might even call it a 'credit event'.

BROKER, adj. A comparative descriptive state for a client of a Wall Street bank.
He didn't exactly have a lot of money before he started dealing with Goldman Sachs. Now he's even broker.
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