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white gloves are for dummies
a blog to show photodummies in video explained by their authors themselves
a blog to show photodummies in video explained by their authors themselves

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A #BoxofDummies is about to start a long travel around the world. Will you host them?
The Box of Dummies which was formed last year during the ‘Le Photobook Fest’ dummy award, is now ready to ship! The box features 12 awesome dummy photobooks which I hope will make their way to a whole bunch of different events around the world...

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I would be grateful to anyone, established or otherwise (incl publishers) who would be willing to send works through to the collection, these works will be featured on the Photobook Club website, will be taken to various book club events and will be open to anyone willing to pop by for a cupa! The condition of the works is not of paramount importance so any misprints at publishing would be welcomed with open arms...

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Any one made a photobook they want to show in Tokyo and / or Brighton? Open call for photobooks for our next two shows closes end of January. 

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If you feel like spend your summer among books you have several workshops and courses to choose. If you know more, please add them in the comment lines:

* Arles:
JUN 28 - JUL 3
Photobook Masterclass Arles 2012
with Markus Schaden, Wolfgang Zurborn, Thekla Ehling, Frederic Lezmi, Tina Schelhorn
Lichtblick School

* Madrid:
JUL 1-5
Publicar fotografías
by Horacio Fernández

* Barcelona:
JUL 1-22
Taller de Fotolibro: Edición y producción
by Jon Uriarte

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I've made this vimeo channel to group videos of photodummies, I've called it 'Du Dum Dummies!':
if you want to join and collaborate moderating, serching for others videos, please drop me a line

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Photos, videos, books, pintxos... it's all envy :)
The Photobook Club San Sebastian’s inaugural event was a huge success with a great turnout and fantastic selection of photobooks, new and old. Big shout to organizer Yosigo Yosigo who also put together this wee trailer/teaser from the event and also documented each of the books brought along...

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'Pantocrator', new entry in the blog showing a collective fazine made along with my classmates in +BlankPaper Escuela de Fotografía course 'Art and Creativity' with Iván del Rey de la Torre
My classmates:
César Salamanca: Benjamín Tomás:
Paulo Cuéllar
+Miren Pastor
Patricia Bordonaba:
Michelle Tagliaferri:
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