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The Voice of Russia World Service (English). The legendary radio station provides you with essential information on current events in Russia and abroad.
The Voice of Russia World Service (English). The legendary radio station provides you with essential information on current events in Russia and abroad.

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US and NATO up for new anti-Russia provocation, this time in the Baltic - Expert

A US Air Force spy plane while on a mission along Russian borders violated the Swedish airspace. Stockholm didn’t seem to mind, though the Swedish government requested explanations from the US Embassy in Sweden.

“I don’t believe that the air space of Sweden was violated. I think that there was an agreement between the US and Sweden about kind of a legal violation of the air space. I think that Sweden is giving plenty of aid to the US intelligence against Russia”, Johan Backmann, Doctor of Social Sciences at the University of Helsinki, told Radio VR.
“It is very well known that Sweden was providing the US with the intelligence information about Russia. And it is very likely that Sweden is now cooperating with the US against Russia in this very tense situation, where it is very probable that the US is preparing another provocation in the Baltic Sea against Russia. It is not excluded that the US is planning to shoot down another airplane in the Baltic Sea and then blame Russia and Kaliningrad for that”, he added.

Follow the link to read more and listen to the whole interview on the Radio VR's Burning Point program:

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The EU has adopted a new package of sanctions against Russia targeting key sectors of economy and expanded the list of entities it considers responsible for Ukrainian crisis. The move was followed by a similar step taken by the US Department of Treasury.

Jon Hellevig, a Finnish political analyst and businessman, believes that the voice of the Western business community cannot be heard by the policy makers: "We have the EU, which is totally an undemocratic institution. And they are covered by propaganda press in the West that lies to the public about everything that is going on. Therefore, the voices of business or of people that are concerned – they don’t have any connection with the decision making."

He also thinks that the German Government will impose even tougher sanctions on Russia: "Already these sanctions very much affect the business climate. Business that is not directly covered by the sanctions already suffers from these sanctions. Companies don’t want to make investments they were planning to do. So far, there has been no reason to make these sanctions. If the sanctions are not a response to any specific event or any specific action of the Russian Government, they are just a way of warfare against Russia."

Read more and listen to some other experts' opinion on the VR's Red Line program:

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Former State Secretary Hillary Clinton has every chance to be elected new US President in 2016, if she decides to run, according to the latest CNN poll.

"She is indeed now the most popular and recognizable political figure. And if the elections were held today, most likely she would win, because there is no really strong candidate at the Republican Party’s side”, Edward Lozansky, President of the American University in Moscow, told Radio VR. "Of course, she is qualified, no doubt about it. But again, what is going to happen if she wins – the country will be divided. We need someone who will unite the country, not divide it. But with Hillary, I think the country will be divided even further”, he added.

Edward Lozansky also expressed his opinion about future Russian-American relations: "It seems that at present she is the only American politician who’s given extensive analysis of the Russian-American relations and the role of Vladimir Putin. I have a feeling that she won’t be in a position to antagonize Russia and that we can find some common ground for cooperation."

Follow the link to find out the experts' opinion on this issue on the VR's Red Line program:

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"It is not difficult to reduce terrorism. We need to go back to more international cooperation and not be working at these cross agendas of starting war in Iraq, when it doesn’t pose any danger etc. All of those things are extremely counterproductive," Coleen Rowley, a retired FBI agent, told Radio VR during the discussion on the US role in global war with terrorism.

John Nomikos, the Chairman of the European Intelligence Academy, agrees with him on this point and, in this regard, criticizes the US on putting economic sanctions against Russia: "It is a big mistake going on right now – to marginalize and push Russia into the corner, because Russia is a stabilizing factor in controlling the Islamic networks and the US should be able to collaborate with Russia. They should have Russia and its energy in combating terrorism; join antiterrorism and counterintelligence operation against the Islamic networks."

How come that after more than a decade of fighting terrorism at home and abroad Washington appears to be unable to track down terrorists at home and somehow gets to contribute to increasing terrorist activity in the rest of the world?

Follow the link to read more and listen to the the Radio VR's Burning Point program:

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"It is a clash of ideologies. You have Israel that believes we have to annex the West Bank, at least for the security reasons, not just for settlement. And you have Hamas that believes that if we are going to get the West Bank, as well as Gaza, we have to hit the Israelis and their homeland hard," Nervana Mahmoud, UK-based Egyptian blogger and political commentator, expressed his opinion in an interview with Radio VR.

The situation in Gaza continues to worsen. This confrontation can become one of the bloodiest in the entire history of the confrontation between Israel and Gaza, according to the Russian Foreign Ministry. Is there any real hope the worst crisis in the history of relations between Israel and Gaza could be stopped?
Follow the link to listen to the experts' opinion on the Radio VR's Burning Point program:

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"We don’t know who the first person was, who became sick. So, we can’t backtrack to find out what was going on. It could be someone just to handle a bat and pick up the virus on his hands, and then transferred it into his mouth or digestion track, " Dr. John R. Palisano, Professor of Biology, told Radio VR.

The fatal Ebola disease is spreading fast in 4 West African countries, mainly because of tribal practices. Families are admitted into hospitals to comfort their loved ones and are allowed to hug their dying parents/children/spouses. Finger nails are removed according to the belief patterns of some peoples, and one drop of blood from an infected person is enough to lead to an awful death. There is no known cure. Follow the link to listen to some experts' opinion on the Ebola virus:

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"It looks like volens-nolens Washington is trying to support Al Qaeda elements, which have been declared the worst military and strategic enemy of the US. And it is especially worse now, when the operation is expanding in the borderland Syria," Viktor Mizin, Deputy Director of the Institute of International Studies, told Radio VR.

The United States is selling 5,000 Hellfire missiles to Iraq in a $700 million deal to "help Baghdad retake ground captured by Sunni militants," the US Defense Security Cooperation Agency said Tuesday.

But is the Iraqi military skilled enough to use the complicated weapons? Is there any guarantee that the weapons will not get into the wrong hands, like it is often the case in Afghanistan? How sincere is the US in its claim to support the Iraqi government against the Islamist militants whom Americans themselves are supporting in Syria? Follow the link to find out the experts' opinion on this issue on the Radio VR's Burning Point program:

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Former FBI agent: "[The US] is certainly losing trust, moral high ground and a lot in the diplomacy."

In an exclusive interview with Radio VR Coleen Rowley, a whistleblower and a former FBI agent, described US' multi-billion mass surveillance as "aggressive offensive spying" reminiscent of the cold war era. In her opinion it is damaging US credibility and hurting business. Read some of the experts' opinion on this topic at:

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The Ebola outbreak that started in February in West Africa took the lives of 600 people. To this day there is no known cure for the disease. Only investigational drugs are available to the scientific community. Those drugs have been tested on animals and have brought positive results, however, they cannot be used to treat humans, as they are not licensed. Professor Peter D. Walsh from the University of Cambridge believes no drugs have been licensed so far because the pharmaceutical companies are not interested as there is no profit in the Ebola vaccine.

"Profit drives the pharmaceutical industry; there is no profit in the Ebola vaccine, so there is no licensed vaccine. What this is a humanitarian issue, you've got 700 people who have already died, we have investigational drugs they are not licensed, but they work in monkeys. They (the drugs) haven't been licensed because there is no commercial market because it hasn't threatened the developed world," he told in an interview with Radio VR. Follow the link below to listen to the whole interview on the Agree or Disagree program:

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"They zip me alone in this van with the driver and the two SBU officers and we go right across through Ukraine. It is a weird mixture of emotions, because I'm looking out – it is a beautiful sunny day and it is a swan’s song, a farewell to Ukraine," Graham Phillips, an RT contributor, shares his impressions in an exclusive interview with Radio VR.

Recently, he went missing in the combat zone in eastern Ukraine. Only after the Ukrainian Security Services acknowleged it had detained RT contributor in Donetsk and following an interrogation announced a decision to expel the stringer out of the country with a subsequent denial of entry for three years. Follow the link to listen the whole story on the Radio VR's Burning Point program:
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