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Charlie Moran

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+Charlie Moran other big news from IBM this week
Robots are one of the coolest parts about science, and they’re about to get even cooler. If you’ve ever wanted to design a robot and win some cold, hard cash, then get ready for this news: IBM is hosting a competition to build a robot that can stop the unholy destructive force of last year’s winn...
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Charlie Moran

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+Jake Parrillo you seen this before? looks interesting though you can't get a close look from the video
I heard about this Exo Super Peel on +America's Test Kitchen radio,  so I had to take a look.  ATK Radio loved it and it seems to work based on the video.  It reminds me of the same principal that the large baker's oven use to move lots of dough into the oven (as I witnessed at Le Pain Quotidien).  

Has anyone tried it?  I may buy one to test. Will it work for wet doughs?  Is it overkill? Its sold on Amazon.
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I don't 'deck' too many skins in the oven so I didn't use it a ton. 
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Charlie Moran

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good tip
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Charlie Moran

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Sierra Nevada-braised pork shoulder! 
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party of two! just sasha and me. i'll probably freeze the rest. it was so good.
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Charlie Moran

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so many good tips in here, including this huge one i have never heard of
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Charlie Moran

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Most of us don't think about how long our baking powder has been in the pantry—we buy it, use it, and leave it until we need it again. Unfortunately, baking powder has a shelf life, and if it's too old, it can ruin the dish or recipe you're making. Here's how to check if it's still good. All you need to do is drop a quarter-teaspoon of baking powder to a half-cup of steaming hot boiled water. If it fizzes and bubbles, you're in the clear. If it's...
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Charlie Moran

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these are pricey but so rad and have a 4-page form you need to fill out because they're custom made for your feet
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work shoes for hipsters?
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Charlie Moran

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gauntlet has been thrown
Fehér-kenyér díszítve.
Beteszek minden hozzávalót a gépbe. Dagasztási idő legalább 10 perc. Fényes nem ragadós tészta, könnyen formázható, inkább kemény rugalmas tésztának kell lenni. A dagasztás után liszt nem érheti. (ez nagyon lényeges)
Kiteszem deszkára (nem lisztezett) és átgyúrom párszor, majd szakajtóba teszem és kelesztem 30 percig.
Ismét kiborítom a szakajtóból (nem lisztezett), átgyúrom, és visszateszem a szakajtóba.
Duplájára kel, ez 40-45 perc, attól függ milyen meleg helyen van.
Kiborítom a deszkára és megkerekítem cipónak és teszem az edénybe. Az edénybe alól felül sütőpapír van. A sütőpapír alá vizet spriccelek és  még kelnie kell 30 percig.
Mintázom és pengével bevágom.
Beborítom és 230 fokos forró sütőbe mehet .Sütöm 40 percig, majd tető nélkül a szép piros szín eléréséig tovább sütöm. Erős arany barnára kell sütni, mert különben nem fog cserepesedni!!!!A sütőből mikor kiveszem lespriccelem vízzel.
Nagyon finom ropogós, cserepes de lágy belsejű kenyerünk lesz.
510 ml víz (ez lehet kicsivel kevesebb vagy több, függ a liszt milyenségétől!)
7 kávéskanál só (csapósan)
1 evőkanál porcukor
1000 gr BL 55 liszt
2 evőkanál olaj, vagy: ( olvasztott vaj, vagy margarin)
40 gr élesztő + a kovász
Kovász készítése, sütés előtt 1-2 nappal.
250 ml víz
250 gr BL 55 liszt
15 g élesztő
1 evőkanál olaj
Ha így készíted, tuti szép és finom kenyered lesz!
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Ohhh, I thought you were doing the throwing.
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Charlie Moran

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+Bill F +Peter Moran our KFC-Taco Bell Gingerbread house has finally been recognized for its excellence
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Great job +Jake Parrillo !
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Charlie Moran

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okay you guys win: a Raspberry Pi project that seems useful to me!
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Charlie Moran

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turns out skunked beer is all about hops and light, not temperature.
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TIL:  The industry term for skunking is "lightstruck".
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Charlie Moran

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Over Thanksgiving, we made a spiced spruce rye pale ale for my fourth brew ever. Seriously. No idea how this one will turn out, but it was really fun to make. Some thoughts here:
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well, we did put spruce needles in there, which is probably weirder than baked beans.

if this were a typical, not-spiced ale, it'd probably be ready by Xmas. it'd need 2 weeks to ferment in the bucket and 2 more weeks to ferment in the bottles. it's just all the spices in this case that take a while to mellow out. 
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