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Healthy ways to deal with anger
Find out how to manage and deal with your anger in a way that is healthy and supportive. Read this article to learn how exercise, talking with someone, writing your thoughts down and owning your anger for what it is can all keep you out of the Virginia judicial system or doing something you might regret.

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Spike in overdose deaths at VA high school brings attention to prescription drug and spice use
Many teens are unaware of the fact that prescription drug abuse and possession of spice is illegal in VA. This article is beneficial to anyone facing drug charges in the state.

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Students charged with marijuana possession face serious consequences
Read this article to learn about the consequences of a marijuana possession charge - and what to do about it.

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Virginia faces additional allegations of aggressive arrest methods against students.
A well respected college student was violently arrested for allegedly using a fake id on a campus in Virginia. This article is beneficial to any student in Virginia facing allegations of criminal activity.
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