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Bronies Meetups for Western Pennsylvania
Bronies Meetups for Western Pennsylvania

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Hey Folks,
It's time for Tekkosho-Con in Pittsburgh! This weekend is the big event, is anyone planning on going and would you be interested in setting up a meet-up?

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Look for the MLP balloon at the Arcade Bar for the meeting place!
We hope to see many folks join us while we're waiting for Season 3 to resume!

Well Folks, After some excellent suggestions I'm going to throw it out there as we have our next Meet-Up at Dave and Busters on Saturday January 26th beginning 3pm.

How does this date and time work for the majority of you great folks?

(I'd also like to ask about a February Meet-Up here very shortly, personally I'd LOVE to check out that Latitude 40 place out in Robinson. Would anyone have interest in having a meet-up during the week?)

January Meet-Up!

The Holidays are always a busy time but wouldn't it be nice to hang out with some fellow Bronies before everyone has to end back to classes? Then January is the perfect time for a meet-up! Most likely this event would happen January 5th.

Now does anyone have any ideas?
-Dave and Busters
-Laser Tag
-Pittsburgh Zoo

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Hey Folks!

We hope everyone is looking forward to Kennywood this Saturday! As a meeting point, it would probably be best if we all met outside the gates.

So how does everyone feel about meeting to the FAR RIGHT of the ticket gates. In front of the building where they rent strollers/wagons/wheelchairs?

I'd say between 6:45-7:15pm for meeting up! That way if traffic is bad or anyone runs a bit late, we can still all catch up together! We shall attempt to tape up a photo of a pony at the meeting spot so everyone knows where to go, I've also tried to include a handy little visual image also!

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Hey Folks!
Long time no see! Hope everyone out there in Internet Land is doing well!
Anyway, we've noticed that there hasn't been much activity lately nor any meet-ups, so it's time to do something...

We're heading over to Phantom Fight Nights to have some fun and have a Meet-up at the same time. Let's all enjoy the Nightmare Night season together and throw in some Roller Coasters for fun!

October 13, 2012
Kennywood Park, West Mifflin, PA.
The hours for Phantom Fight Nights is 7pm-1am.
Discount tickets can be purchased at Giant Eagle for $26 (plus tax) which is a $3 savings from gate price!

Hope to see everyone there!

Via the facebook page!

Well it looks like a lot of folks have expressed interest is heading to Kennywood's "Phantom Fright Nights" as a meet-up idea. Now we'll just have to pick a day and announce is so everyone can make their plans! 
However, I hope it's a Friday or Sunday as Saturday tends to be horribly long lines for these events the farther on into the Halloween Season we get! 

Also keep in mind there are MANY haunted houses around the Pittsburgh Area that need support. If interested, we would happily look into more then one meet-up this month to head to haunted houses!

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Meanwhile in Pittsburgh...
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Resharing (bump) for the ease of those coming from the EQD link (if any)
Come join the fun at Idlewild and Soakzone!

Admission is $34 unless we can get enough people to RSVP for a group rate. Bring some extra money (about $25) for food and games. You can also check you local Giant Eagle for discounted tickets or bring some canned food in for the salvation army to get $6 off of admission.

There will be ponies and swimming! So bring your pony swag and swimwear!!

_By attending this meetup you are responsible for yourself and your personal
belongings. Neither, I, the park, nor anybody else can be held responsible
for anything negative that happens by attending this meetup._
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