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There is nothing inherently wrong with open source software. By nature, being free to obtain and use to any scale is a very big advantage. In addition to this open source can be supported by any of a multitude of vendors or private parties. Many very successful open source applications exist and there is enough quality solutions available to support just about any particular corporate, private, or public need out there.

In contrast, many proprietary software systems and applications have issues and do not do what they are expected or intended to do. In many cases  single-support vendors refuse to correct the issues, and instead direct you to purchase additional/newer products or services. This adds excessive expenses and time burden to your and/or your corporation.

Open source is for everyone because it provides the greatest number options and possibilities and does not require you to be monitored while you are using the software. Open source is unlimited and non-intrusive in contrast to proprietary counterparts.

Typical proprietary applications and systems require registration, agreeing to overly limiting and burdensome agreements,  monitoring of use, licensing keys, and highly restrictive use limitations. They are generally very highly intrusive and cumbersome.  As a result, they present significant risk from both a personal and business perspective.
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