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Achilles Podiatry

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Prevention and Treatment of Dry Cracked Heels

Properly designed shoes or boots can help prevent heel cracks. Good solid heel counters in the rear of the shoe or boot help protect the heel. Avoid open-heeled shoes. If your skin is very dry, applying moisturizing creams can protect the heel as well. - See more at:

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Are Your Toes Ready For Winter?

Many people get this winter burden. By the interaction of the cold, the skin starts to show in some places red swellings. These are normally harmless, but can be very itchy and painful. Women are more sensitive than men for this condition.The disorder occurs during cold and wet periods, so especially during the winter. Humidity is a major factor, but in combination with the cold air.

Every winter I have foot pain? what is this problem?

I never have this problem in the summer. In the winter, when I start wearing boots, and my feet sweat for a few days (even though they still feel cold), I get pains in the ball of my feet. Sometimes this is accompanied by an itching, but frequently not, but there are no rashes or marks on my feet. My feet don't sweat in the summer when I am wearing socks and sneakers or socks in regular dress shoes. Sometimes the pain hurts to walk when I put weight on it. I do have flat feet, but the rest of the year it doesn't hurt, so I think it is winter-related.

Five Treats for Healthy Winter Feet

Most people get concerned about the health and appearance of their feet during the summer months. But by the time winter rolls around, feet are all but forgotten, shoved back into boots and heavy sneakers.

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Red, White, and Blue Toes

Raynaud’s disease can cause your toes to turn white, then bluish, and then redden again and return to their natural tone. The cause is a sudden narrowing of the arteries, called vasospasms. Stress or changes in temperature can trigger vasospasms, which usually don’t lead to other health concerns. Raynaud’s may also be related to rheumatoid arthritis, Sjögren’s disease, or thyroid problems.

Why Are My Feet Always Cold?
If your toes are always cold, one reason could be poor blood flow -- a circulatory problem sometimes linked to smoking, high blood pressure, or heart disease.

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Steps to Better Foot Health
Foot pain can signal big and small problems. Even how you get out of bed matters.
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