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Male Healthy Touch Club
Expanding intimacy and connection between men.
Expanding intimacy and connection between men.

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Imagine knowing how to use your body to create desire in your partner, and invite another man into deep connection.

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Deep erotic connection is much more than a lucky moment or short-lived good feeling.  If you've had magical erotic experiences, you probably wanted to increase the chances it would happen again, but may not have known how to do that.

Whether your erotic style is gentle and meditative or you engage in aggressive forms of erotic  man-to-man play, it's possible to learn simple somatic techniques that build a stronger charge so you can take pleasure to new levels.

Knowing how to deepen awareness of your partner's body, and of your own, also helps make erotic connection grow and intensify.

During this free online program you'll learn

* How grounding and centering can build an erotic charge.    
* Ways to play with touch to create desire
* How somatic movement exercises and postures enliven potency
* The role of sound in connection and pleasure
* How to use breath to awaken your capacity for pleasure

This event is for you if you're a gay or bisexual man on a journey toward erotic fulfillment, remarkable relationship or solid self-confidence.

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About the presenter

David BurkeDavid Burke is a psychotherapist specialized in working with men in the San Francisco Bay Area.  He is also massage therapist, Somatic practitioner, breathworker and yoga instructor, and has taught for Body Electric, Heartwalker Studio, and Wildwood Retreat Center since 2004.  He founded Sensory Energetics in 2007, an embodied way of working erotically with men using breath, movement, and sound energy.   In 2008 he produced the DVD Opening the Gates, teaching men how to connect and play erotically in a more embodied way.  He currently lives in the East Bay, CA with his husband of 8 years.

About the host

Mark Reinert imageMark Reinert is a relationship coach and erotic educator who helps gay and bisexual men who want more physical pleasure and emotional connection with other men. He has been helping men get more of what they want from life and sex for over twenty years. There’s much more information available on his website at www. Private coaching sessions with Mark are also available to support your healing, growth and learning.

Program Summary

* Cost: $0
* When: Thursday., March 27, 2014 at 9:00pm Eastern (US)
* Replay:Available if you sign up in before the program goes live.
* Title: Intensify Male Erotic Play Through Simple Somatic Practices
* Presenter: David Burke
* Host: Mark Reinert
* Format: Online Seminar
* Where: the privacy and convenience of your home (or other chosen location)

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