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5e at the Citadel: The Gang Almost Causes A Zombie Apocalypse
A fter  The One With the Gauth , the party divvied up treasure (four ways since Gilroy and  Charmagnus still had to work dumb mundane world jobs).  Of note, Valen got the cloak that let him turn into a bat and Julius got the boots of stealth.  The party ver...

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5e at the Citadel: Beauty Is In the Eye
W e last left our adventurers with Fechedette, the Mud Queen, digging them out of the collapsed way shrine to Pok the Mud God  with her new mud powers.  Somewhere in the shrine, Charmagnus disappeared due to his chaos magic (and the player not being able to...

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5E at the Citadel: Your Name Is Mud
O nce upon a time, the person playing our noble Firbolg, Gilroy, had a job that changed his hours so he couldn't come play D&D with his friends on a Friday night.  His noble DM did what he could to not write his character out of the game despite him not bei...

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5E at the Citadel: The Player Trap
S o session two… We start somewhere else in the world where Valen the ex
pirate captain Aasimar (lots of backstory that I have worked into my overall
plot, don’t worry Austin) has awoken drunk in the woods.  He was drunk in the woods because he had been

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The Story Begins With...These Guys...
Adventurers Needed! I fear the wards have broken in the latest avalanche.  A sudden warm snap has caused the Icefang
Mountains to dump their prodigious snow that their peaks have collected down to
the lowlands, and the wards that keep the mountain denizens ...

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Been a While...
I'm...back? I've said it before and faded off, and I can't promise it won't happen again.  I'm a busy man.  However, I have some stuff I want to send out to the hive mind and some stories to share, so I'm gonna do it.  Kay?  Kay.

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TWBWDH: To Hell...(Maybe not back) Part 1
A s most of The World's Best Worst Demon Hunters episodes start, we find our heroes chilling in the now chilly bunker under Centralia, Pennsylvania.  Lenny was playing video games in the Winnebago, Mark was making pancakes in the bunker kitchen, and Anne wa...

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TWBWDH: Foreshadowing? Also Vampires and...the Mafia?
W hen we last left our heroes from The World's Best Worst Demon Hunters, they had narrowly escaped being turned into leech people in West Virginia.  After their harrowing adventure, they returned to the Centralia, PA base for some relaxation and recharging....

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TWBWDH: The Florida Incident & Leeches in West Virginia
T wo blog posts in a day!?  Ludicrous!  But I have a session backlog from the Colt Regan game that Eric is running for Brandie, Robert, and I, an I've decided I want to chronicle it, because it's really fun and pulpy, and I need to write more.  I might even...

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The World's Best Worst Demon Hunters
H i everyone.  It's been a hot minute since I updated.  Truth is, I've been busy, unmotivated, and lazy, but I have been playing some cool games with a bunch of fantastic people, and decided to at least somewhat revive the old blog so that I could share nea...
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