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a fast #Linux RT aka #realtime preemptible kernel for #audio and #video workstations
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TimeSide 0.5.5 has been released!

TimeSide is an open web audio processing framework.

#audio #python #processing #mir #music

 * All processor folders (decoder, analyzer, grapher, encoder) are now real plugin repositories : you can just drop processors in it and play!
 * TimeSide can be installed without Aubio, Yaafe nor Vamp : it should be easier to install on old distributions for which those librairies are difficult or impossible to compile
 * Encoder : add an Opus encoder
 * Experimental : add a django web server with a REST API (see "Web server")
 * AubioPitch: prevent NaN in result by converting them to zero
 * Yaafe analyzer: simplify adaptation of process frames from TimeSide to Yaafe
 * LimsiSad: add a default value for parameter sad_model
 * Fix various NaN and Inf and PEP8 issues also many PyFlake warnings
 * Full `Travis integration <>`_ with tests and test coverage through ` <>`_  * Thanks to all contributors!
 * WARNING: some of the processor paths used in your app could have moved between 0.5.4 and 0.5.5. Check them with timeside.core.processors(). Note that it is now advised to use the timeside.core.get_processor() method to instantiate the processors with their respective id as argument.
 * UPGRADING from the sources: please remove all .pyc files from your repository.
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Next week, the Parisson R&D team will be at CMMR to present and demonstrate the Telemeta platform. Hope to see you there ;)

The 10th International Symposium on Computer Music Multidisciplinary Research #CMMR  Sound, Music and Motion will take place in Marseille on 15-18 October 2013.   #CMMR2013
CMMR 2013 | Marseille
CMMR 2013 | Marseille
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New TeleForma e-learning platform by Parisson (full HTML). This is an example during a video live conference for a french law school.
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Yes, Telemeta 1.4, the open web audio CMS, has released today by Parisson Studios ! It IS a important one for many reasons:

* the model now implements 2 more archiving levels: Corpus and Fonds which are
linked to the search engine, the DublinCore mapper and the related media
resources. The main tree of the metadata model now looks like:

Fonds > Corpus > Collections > Items > Part

* this model now support data schema migrations allowing any model evolution
* the menus are smarter, tablet compatible and now includes a "Desk".
* user searches are now recorded and displayed in user "Lists" page.
* users get RSS feeds for its own changes
* video files are now supported for items thanks to the great WebM format

Many thanks to all helpful participants and, as usual, and forever, to all free
software communities!


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