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Igor Toscano
Nerd, biologist, compulsive reader, Roleplayer, annoying for pleasure, movie and internet addicted, ex-MIB
Nerd, biologist, compulsive reader, Roleplayer, annoying for pleasure, movie and internet addicted, ex-MIB


Brazil is a crazy place. President Dilma Roussef is officially being impeached by Congress vote. Now, it will be voted by the Senate.

Only, one of the Senators is ex-President Collor, who was himself impeached , in 1992 (ok, he actually resigned, but still, just MAD!)

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Saltimbocca alla Romana

#TheXFiles is the first series to "double jump" the shark. Really, there should be a new expression for that from now on...

Things I love to see before I get a physical copy of a book: pdf has been updated.

Things I hate to see after I get the book: pdf's been updated.

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I'm really glad for +John Wick's success on 7th Sea Kickstarter (oh, haven't you heard? It's here:

BUT: I'm beginning to get very, very concerned.  The campaing has hit the 500k mark, still there is a month to go. All of the original strecth goals were unlocked (on the first day) and now the game keeps expanding, and expanding.... John will have to write THREE novels, plus a dozen new sourcebooks...

I foresee serious delays, printing and shipping problems ahead....

iZombie (the TV Show) is keeping its fun factor and the overlapping storylines and the way it all falls into piece is bothering me less than other series.

What's been bothering me are the last episodes when Liv started to question her love life and having sex with someone she just met. Things like "Wow, imagine, having sex with someone and you never really knew him". What?

So, apparently, a girl can only have sex with someone she loves and wants to spend the rest of her life with? Yeah, iZombie, we are on the 21st century now, keep up and away with the heteronormativity..

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World Wide Wrestling by +Nathan Paoletta is a great game. It's fun, it's very well written, it's easy to play even if you are not a hardcore wrestling fan (and surely, I'm not).

And now you can have both the original game and the first expansion

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Cute cats. With LASERS!!!
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In a world, where a whole bunch of amazing kickstarters are running at once...

Let me present to the the precious, insanely dear to my heart, closest thing to a grandchild my parents will get - the game we've been pouring over for 2 years.


Back it, share it, help us any way you can. I really want people to love this game as much as we do.

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Updtade on #36in16
Legit Level: 11/36 people different people I played with
Basic Level: 06/36 people I have never played with
Intermediate Level: 2/36 games with people I have never played with

Since I'll probably not complete the other levels, I'm not going to count them. First two are looking good, hope I don't have to ditch Intermediate.
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