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Mallow Yellow
NAME : _Chicken Molahia Lasagne I only made two layers of filling, and yes, it does go that lovely yellow from the curry. Sorry we'd already devoured half of it...  INGREDIENTS/UTENSILS : 250g - 500g chicken pieces, your choice dark white or both 40 - 80 fr...

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Using Lumina Ice-cream Maker
NAME : _Using Lumina Ice-cream Maker INGREDIENTS/UTENSILS : (Using "homely measures, i.e. I read a few recipes and guessed what I'd need. It worked...) about a cup and a bit of blended loquat fruit three tbsp raw sugar about quarter of a cup of water about ...

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Warrigal Pesto
NAME : _Warrigal Pesto INGREDIENTS/UTENSILS : (This is a recipe for Grow Lightly Food Hub Shop, and almost everything can be sourced there. See NOTES.) Bunch Warrigal Greens (Miner's Lettuce) to make 1 cup wilted greens. 6 - 8 walnuts 1 clove garlic or half...

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Oriental Eggscitement. (No, really.)
NAME : _Oriental Eggscitement. INGREDIENTS/UTENSILS : 3 - 4 eggs per person 1/2 cup besan flour per person 1/2 cup atta or other wholemeal flour per person around 1/2 a brown onion per person peanut or olive oil around 1/4c per person (but see Method) salt ...

So my mate started dating one of pair of twins. I was a bit curious how that worked so I asked him how he knew he was able to tell them apart.
"Well," he said, "Sally's got a lovely personality, great butt, great breasts, and the best smile."
"Gary, on the other hand, has a dick."

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Soubise S'prize
NAME : _Soubise S'prize INGREDIENTS/UTENSILS : 3 - 5 brown onions 50g butter (around half a stick) 1 scant tsp bicarb salt, pepper to taste 2 tbsp water 1 cup cream METHOD : Peel and dice the onions, place in a saucepan  with the butter, water, a pinch of s...

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NAME : _Remnant Pies No pics, blame the tastiness! INGREDIENTS/UTENSILS : 1/3 of an orange sweet potato, about 150g 1 cup cooked lentils 1 small cauliflower 100g - 200g grated Parmesan 2 cups plain flour 1 cup tomato paste 1 - 2 tsp garlic powder salt, pepp...

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The Inevitable Sweet Potato Thingie
NAME : _The Inevitable Sweet Potato Thingie INGREDIENTS/UTENSILS : A big orange sweet potato or two 6 eggs (see NOTES) teaspoon of dijon mustard salt, pepper a few tablespoons of milk teaspoon or two of lemon juice chicken stock cube crumbled and dissolved ...

Two friends were drinking all night in a pub when one fell backwards off his stool and lay motionless on the floor.
The other looked at the barman and said "One thing about Fred is he always knows when to stop."


Words that different people say differently:
How to tell the difference between a chemist and a plumber? Ask them to pronounce the word “unionised.”
Between a punter and a baker? “Preferment.”

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