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Jimmy Gunawan
Improv CG artist, designer, technologist, comedian, philosopher, visual explorer, inceptionist. Together we make a better world.
Improv CG artist, designer, technologist, comedian, philosopher, visual explorer, inceptionist. Together we make a better world.

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USING GREASE PENCIL AND SVERCHOK NODES TO DEFORM IMAGE I would like to share this workflow idea with you involving Grease Pencil, Sverchok nodes and Blender Bones. The idea here is to create some kind of quick rigging setup for animator to animate 2D Mesh, ...

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RENDER / Freestyle, Grease Pencil, and Sverchok
I have this question for a very long time: Is it possible to turn Blender Freestyle STROKES  into 3D Mesh? Yes, apparently you can! And Grease Pencil can be a good connection bridge for now. Let's take a look how! ALL ABOUT STROKES As a fan of Japanese ANIM...

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Blender Procedural City using ASSET generated from Maya QTown Plugins by Brave Rabbit. One day we will have our own builder makers!

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Reddit Place Pixel Art Instancing With Sverchok and Blender Particles
I decided to blog my experiment in turning PIXEL ART into unlimited 3D Procedural Artworks using method of Particle Instancing and Sverchok Nodes. For the pixel art reference, I am using Reddit r/place artwork. But you can use any pixel art. 1. RESAMPLE REF...

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SNIPPET / Chamfer and Rip Operation
I decided to write this in my blog to remind myself and to inform others. A question I often ask is how to Chamfer and how to Rip vertices. TO CHAMFER In some other 3D packages like Maya or maybe 3dsMax, I remember there was this "Chamfer" operation we can ...

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CYCLES / Parametric Curve UV Color Ramp Stripes
Complex Structure made easy. Somewhat. So now using Sverchok Add-On, we could easily turn any POINTS into Polyline Curve, such as this TORUS KNOT. The next thing we want to do it right is how to use the CURVE PARAMETERIC UV to drive any kind of texture to r...

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Processing Point Cloud Data for SKETCHFAB
In this blog post, I am going to show you 2 methods to export out 3D POINT CLOUD data into Sketchfab using Sverchok Add-On in Blender. I chose to use Sverchok and node based workflow because it can really streamline the process. The whole thing can be done ...

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Many Ways to Generate ASCII ART using Sverchok and Animation Nodes
METHOD 1 Use Animation Nodes Add-On, we simply needs Instance some Text Objects and place it into position provided by grid. With this method, we will end up with MANY Text Objects in the scene. Not the most efficient, but easiest to understand. METHOD 2 Si...

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SVERCHOK / Object ID Basics Node Application
Modifier Subdiv = INT Integer Input Object Color = RGBA Input Rotation Euler = XYZ Vector Random Scale XYZ Location XYZ Mesh Vertice = Position XYZ Math Sine Wave = Location XYZ

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RENDER / Realistic LUT Study
Under circumstances, I accidentally stumbled  into this LUT Github by Troy Sobotka: W...
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