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I should really try to post on here more often. Just so I can complain that others aren't.

Anyways Got my web site back online last week. Check out my blog on there, I have two new posts. One about my new job and other news and one about my recent Skyrim addiction.
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Totally NOT digging the new G+ favicon. It's too orange.
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OK the following things have turned me off from watching Blu-rays and why I’m soon switching my Netflix to streaming only.

I can’t watch a Blu-ray movie without first sitting though 3 commercials (that I can’t skip) telling me how great Blu-ray is. (umm duh that’s why I chose to watch a Blu-ray and not a DVD)

I have to watch movies on my computer (which I don't mind) and the latest versions of both PowerDVD and WinDVD have started enforcing the need for a HDCP (High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection) compliant monitor to watch Blu-rays. I’m still using an old 22 inch CRT monitor and can’t afford a new one, especially since I have fairly high standards for image quality and the monitor that I’d like to get costs over $1000. Sure I can still use the older versions for now but since Blu-ray copy protection keeps getting updated my old programs may stop being able to play newer movies.

Netflix is splitting off the DVDs by mail portion of its business as a new company. I really don’t feel like managing two separate movie queues and ratting on two different web sites.
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