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New Minecraft product is being released today! It's called Z5Craft. It's a server plugin system like Bukkit, only different. Z5Craft is technically a wrapper, which means you don't have to wait for it to get updates; it's always compatible with any version of Minecraft. Also, plugins written for Z5Craft won't break. This means you can write a plugin now and still have it work 6 months from now. Head over to to download it!

Note: Z5Craft does not work on Windows.

New Game! It's called My Nation and is the game for January (maybe). +1 this if you want me to start developing it again.


Minecraft Server Center 1.1 is officially coming to Mac OS X sometime in the very near future (in a few weeks).
If at least 5 people +1 this post, I'll port Minecraft Server Center 1.1 to Mac OS X.

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I've released the new game for this month early, you can play it now at

Minecraft Server Center 1.1 is almost done! Just have to finish autoupdate.

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Hey everyone! My website is now working at! There games there and more, with a new game coming at least once a month.
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