Backed-up my Vita to switch to my Japanese account to try the Gravity Rush/Daze demo.

1) During the restore/back-up process, it will say "1 minutes remaining"...
2) The restore won't restore your icon placements or RemotePlay settings.
3) It gives you 5 minutes to enter an 8 digit number to register a Vita for RemotePlay. Why ask for a number at all? If the PSN account info matches, I've entered my PSN password.
4) You still have to go to the RemotePlay icon on the PS3 to tell it to listen for the client. The XMB should always be listening.
5) The PS3 won't turn off the controllers, or let you turn them off via the hold-PS-button down menu. You have to hold the PS button in for a full 10 seconds. And the PS3 will block all input from the controller. Why do any of that? If I want to use the PS3 controller, let me.
6) When you copy a game from the PS3 to a Vita, it will delete it from the PS3. It will not give you a choice. I liked using my PS3 to back up my PSP games. Something I no longer can do since...
7) Installed PSP content (PSP games, minis and PS1 games) can no longer be installed from their installed files. You must re-download the installers and copy from them. I have a folder filled with PSP games that is now useless. Plus I'd have to keep 2 copies of the minis and PS1 games. One for the PS3 and one for PSP/Vita

My mind is blown at how many times Sony can go out of their way to screw up.
If I worked on PS3's/Vita's firmware team, you wouldn't see crap like that.

Anywho. The demo was ok. Couldn't figure out how to change it to English. But I could invert Y at least.

RemotePlay does work faster on Vita than it did on PSP.
You can use select as a shift button like on PSP to make up for L2/L3/R2/R3 or you can use the quadrants of the rear touchpad.
It even looks better too. I don't know if Sony upped the resolution or it's just the bilinear filtering, but it looks good.

Devs have already started abusing the ability to disable screenshots for no reason.
I wanted to show some screens of some of the Japanese demos but they're all locked out.
Speaking of which, since Sony can make PS button shortcuts, I'd like PS+L/R shoulders to act as Prev/Next for the music player´╗┐
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