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Oh shit

The original sixaxis controller has a similar issue. To the point where one Super Stardust player recommended always playing wired.

I'm worried friends of mine who like me are liberal-minded, are getting annoyed with my defending Trump from the Nazi comparisons/demonization. I've made my point about that, and will stop. There's a fine line between defending him from those, and defending him from regular insults which I don't mind since he's certainly earned those.

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These arrived today

The first thing is the Qube. An RGB lightbulb that is controlled via wifi. No peripheral I'd until it can be used for gaming. The plan is hopefully they'll eventually let the Android app respond to intents so I can use it in my app

The second thing is the Kidstation touchscreen for PS1. I've been looking for one for ages, +Sharkie's Gaming Controllers​ found me one in like 2 minutes. Cost me 100 yen plus shipping, so like $30. Peripheral ID #: 301

The last thing is peripheral ID#: 302, the Titan Two
I normally don't give peripheral IDs to adapters, but this is no mere adapter. It's the sequel to the Titan One (obviously) which the CronusMax was a ripoff of. That device let me customize control schemes however I saw fit, cause it let you program it. This let me use my 360 flight stick on PS3. The Titan Two is much more advanced in that it has 4 times more RAM, 2 USB ports instead of 1, so it can handle mouse/keyboard emulation on its own (the one required a PC to do it) An internal Bluetooth module will be released later so it doesn't take up the USB port like on the One. It can also handle voice chat audio, unlike the One. And it can act as multiple controllers. The biggest reason I got it is that it actually works on PS3 properly (the One would disconnect briefly every 10 minutes cause of the PS4s security) The One normalized all inputs to 8 bits, this is pure overkill at 32 bits.

The downside is this supposedly has 50 ms of lag instead of 10 ms like the One. Hopefully that's not too bad...
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This is also the site that deleted their pro-pedophilia articles after Milo spoke about the time he was raped at 13.

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This will never by #MyIO

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Oh +Sharkie's Gaming Controllers, they're going to start selling replicas of some Destiny gun

Went to medieval times, asked the king how many people make Cable Guy references. He said not that many, then started humming the Star Trek combat music from Amok Time.

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I repeat myself. I am not defending Trump, I just hate the demonization tactics used on him because the same people have done it to me/Gamergate
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