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Blargh. #Pitneybowes is STILL calling my mother re. her deceased 91year old father's debt. How many times do we need to tell them that he is dead, his business is dissolved, and he left no estate? I loved my grandfather dearly, but good with finances he was not! They were not his only creditor (and ironically they had the lowest outstanding balance) yet they are the only ones to refuse to just go away gracefully. #ihatepitneybowes

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This is pretty cool for parents and teachers. I'd not heard of Khan Academy, but I could see using it to brush up on my math.

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Having encouraged +Mike Stietenroth to take up a new hobby I can't really be surprised, as techy as he is, that he settled on photography. And of course it is no surprise that he's created a website to support it :)

Ever since my 90 year old grandfather died this past spring #PitneyBowes has been harassing my (senile) grandmother and her children to pay a debt owed by his now-liquidated business. Of course, he had no estate, and the business was a sole liability; plus at 25% interest they'd long since paid the original debt.

They've been sent the death certificate, yet twice a week they call, ask for my grandfather or the accounts receivable dept, and get told that he's dead and the business is dissolved with no assets. And they have been doing this for 3 months. #Ihatepitneybowes
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