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FreeRPG Project - The Open Source RPG
FreeRPG Project - The Open Source RPG

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Latest Update - Logo, Wiki + Preview Files. #gamedev #game-dev #indiegames #indie-games

While waiting for the 3.8 update i have been playing about with a few of the social/documentation aspects of the FreeRPG Project. This includes a simple logo i created until a better one can be either sourced or created, you can find it below : What do…

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FreeRPG Project 0.1 Release Candidate Ready #gamedev

The title pretty much sums it up, i recently finished all the issues tagged with “Version 0.1” in the Gitlab repos for both FreeRPG-Torque3D and FreeRPG so have decided to create a “Release Candidate” or “RC” for Version 0.1 until Torque3D release version…

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