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Commercial, Industrial & Residential Electricians providing exceptional electrical services for Seattle and surrounding areas since 1972!
Commercial, Industrial & Residential Electricians providing exceptional electrical services for Seattle and surrounding areas since 1972!

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It's about planning and codes. If you've traveled outside of the US you may have seen some amazing webs of electrical wiring. They make us shake our heads. 

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2016 marked the 3rd year in a row that renewables made up more than 50% of new generating capacity on the U.S.' power system. 24 gigawatts (63%) of capacity = 12 Hoover Dams were added by energy companies!

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The projections for some of the highest-growth skilled trades jobs in Washington (from

Total projected annual job openings—4,643

Carpenters—1,621 openings; $25.04 per hour
Electricians—826 openings; $31.96 per hour
Plumbers, pipefitters, and steamfitters—499 openings; $22.84 per hour
Supervisors—496 openings; $36.88 per hour
Equipment operators—252 openings; $28.40 per hour

If college isn't your thing, than maybe a trade is the right fit for you!

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Now here's a big gulp - Last year, Google consumed as much energy as the city of San Francisco.

Next year, it said, all of that energy will come from wind farms and solar panels.

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Hmm, a battery that doesn't have moving parts, consumes nuclear waste, doesn't emit CO2 and is a girl's best friend? Nuclear energized diamond batteries - now there's a string of words one wouldn't expect to read in the same sentence.

Researchers from the University of Bristol in the UK have grown a man-made diamond that, when placed in a radioactive field, is able to generate a small electrical current.

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Standby generators - sexy - no. Absolutely necessary - no. Invaluable if the power goes out - yes. Can save you money - yes, in protection of your appliances and electronics and food and over 75% ROI if you sell your home. Sense of security - priceless.

SME Inc of Seattle - your select and certified service dealer of Generac Residential and Commercial generators. We can help you choose the size of generator to fit your budget and circuit load coverage. 

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Project pictures during our electrical work at Bellevue North. SME Inc was the electrical contractor for the shell and core and the Home Goods TI. REI, Trader Joe's and Home Goods are now open to the public.
Bellevue North Project Completed
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The U.S. may become more energy efficient simply because it makes cents for businesses, especially utility companies themselves. 

Next President Could Set In Motion “Enormous” Energy and Carbon Pollution Cuts Benefitting Consumers $65 Billion a Year.

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For over a year, now Seattle City Light has been brightening up Seattle's arterial roadways with LED lighting. Here's a progress report.
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