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When I click [Suggest a new location] in Windows Chrome, I can't actually move the pin. Any suggestions?

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We have analyzed the results of the mission at document at UCSD.

Early Results:

- ADA attacked the Acolyte's compound
- OLW was not the target of the attack. He was given a warning 6 minutes before the attack to not be on site.
- The attackers targeted a cabin onsite at the compound, which the Enlightened defended with fanatical zeal.
- The attack was to confirm by ADA Roland Jarvis' body is in that cabin (which we have long suspected).
- Its believed the attack was an attempt to sever the bond between the Acolyte and Roland Jarvis; perhaps in order to weaken her.


+Yik Sheng Lee +H. Richard Loeb 

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Added photos to Onyx Sojourner Medal Day!.

How much space do you earn when you refer a friend?

The broken intel "Oops! Something went wrong..." error and no communication from +NIA Ops is starting to get really frustrating.  Can we at least get an update in this?

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Several months ago our fielding team received a message from agent Tygixx.  “I’m heading to Juneau soon, anyone need anything?’  

That’s all we needed to get the wheels turning.  Agents 85MR2 and nwgator hatched a plan about a week before Helios sites were announced. This field was for immediate use.  But when Tacoma was announced as a primary site and Vancouver as a satellite site, we knew what we had to do.  We immediately got agent Anachronist farming keys with some help from Random42.  Tygixx muled them back to Portland and we waited.  And waited.

Suddenly agent Koplin arrived in town bearing a handful of Ketchikan keys.  They were delivered via agent theBana.  What good fortune indeed!  We added them to the plan. Then we sat on them and waited.  And waited.

As the day drew near we got everything locked into place and ready to go.  Teams were in place to smash throughout the PNW.  Operators were glued to screens. Anchor prep was dialed in.  Linkers were in route.  Time to make big triangles.

On the morning of the 27th the hard work of others had given us a green field to work under. We gave thanks to the Shapers and got to work.  Links were cleared, teams were in place, and everything was working flawlessly. Tacoma and Vancouver were about to be buried under a few dozen layers as soon as the morning’s gigafield fell.  So we sat and waited.  And waited.  Then it happened, the green field went down and a blue dagger of a blocker went up, minutes before we were to link. Right in the heart.  Speechless, we all took a break for a few minutes.

Time to take stock.  We knew we would miss measurements. This blocker was hours away.  And to add insult to injury… one of our southern anchors was about to close.  Did this mean the field plans were over?  Not a chance!  Nothing is over until we decide it is! Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell no!  The situation required that a really stupid and futile gesture be done on someone’s part and we were just the guys to do it!

Back to the drawing board.  Agent f4runner was dispatched to make the 2+ hour drive to the remote blocker.  He’s a true ENL hero.  We had one real option at hand, redrawing the field to get as much as we could from the anchor that was open. insert bana on ground pic Tacoma would have their afterparty under a green field.

Our agents spent the next couple hours keeping lanes open that had been previously protected by the soothing green blanket of the giga.  Link teams refueled.  Burgers and beer were had and operators compulsively scanned for new obstacles.  At approx 6:15 pm the blocker fell and the resulting flurry of activity resulted in seven layers over Portland, Tacoma, and Vancouver for a total of over 40M MU.

I cannot thank everyone enough for making this happen.  Besides the days and hours of prep leading up to the event many agents put in 18+ hours on the day of the event.  Thousands of dollars were spent on fuel and lodging and agents from four states and two countries worked together for a common goal.  It was a great victory for the team, and once again I stand humbled at the kindness of friends, acquaintances, and strangers alike. ALL GLORY TO THE SHAPERS and ALL GLORY TO THIS AMAZING TEAM!

LINK TEAM: Tygixx, funkonomics, nwgator, Beefrog, Amethina, NoBadKarma, boltcollector, theBana

OPERATORS: 85MR2, burritoanarchy, Dnaltrop

ANCHOR PREP: DWGII, Koplin, SloshyRabbit, Anachronist, MrsAnachronist, Katiana, Snowblind, Random42, TheKrum, zombifiedrunner, Randlfscott

LINK BUSTERS: ADSR, BrettG, meeples, Agent34, MrsA34, SaevusDelphine, SpatialEd, MutagenXX, isishunter, Vafarien, Skronkdog, littlemrj, 90nine, MaxwellSmart00, Ramereth, Peptide, Hir0k, P4nd4monium, PoohPal, ge0freak, simplecat, TheDoubleDeuce, TubOfLlamas, drew3rdof3, CrowsBeard, RalphtheBlack, HappyTurtle, a1r, strucguy, kttail, LadyDoe, Orion76
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A lot of names I've not seen. Please indicate you factions as well as in game name.

wayne107 (EN)

seeking Werdna999  and EF4

I am local to Burnaby but like to plan BAFs.  I will be passing through Hope this weekend.

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