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Every time I go to the doctor or dentist lately they are having some challenge with a new computer system. This probably represents progress. Though interface designers could use some work on avoiding context menus.

It's 2011, do I really have to use my browser's reload button to see when things change on Google+?

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Loving the direct comparison between 60s and 90s childrens books. Meta: I wonder what the retweeting standards will be on Google+
Dad entered the kitchen, and pretty stewardesses became mere flight attendants.

So phase one is all the early adopters getting invites, recreating their friend graphs, and nitpicking the design of PLUS. That should last a week or two. What's phase two? If it is just Facebook but 14.7% better, is it going to stick? Hopefully they have 37signals style 1.1 features to roll out in July.

Loving the interface for adding people to circles, but it's a bit grotty when I have multiple contacts for the same person, needs a way to merge them.
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