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Christian Arnold
I'm a computer geek with a few tricks up my sleeve.
I'm a computer geek with a few tricks up my sleeve.
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GTK: Arc-Darker
Icons: Moka (although I'm looking for something a little less purple)
No idea where I found the wallpaper; probably just Google Images

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Any idea why Auto Rotate isn't working? It seems that it stopped working after I updated to M10.

I have a Nexus 7 (2013 model) running CM 11 M10 with the ElementalX kernel (CM version).

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My Xubuntu 14.04 desktop #showyourdesktopwhenever  

WM/GTK Theme: Greybird
Icon theme: elementary Xfce darker
Plank: default
WM: Compiz with GTK decorator (I had to set the theme via dconf)
Wallpaper is from (I don't remember the name offhand)
Xubuntu 14.04 setup 1
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How to watch a video in ASCII art
Prerequisites VLC or mplayer libcaca ( libcaca0 on Ubuntu/Debian; should already be installed) A video to watch (I downloaded one from YouTube using youtube-dl ) Linux users tend to know what they're doing, so I'll assume you know how to install these progr...

What's a good tiling window manager? I've been using XFCE for a while, but would like something simpler. Haven't had a lot of time, so if you could tell me which one you like and why, that'd be great. 

One pet peeve I have with my new tablet (the Nexus 7 I got last Tuesday) is that a number of games I play are either scaled up or everything is TINY and really hard to read (in my experience, only Angry Birds does this).

So please, game developers, update your game assets!!!!

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Wallpaper: "Horseshoe Bend Sunset.jpg" from the Elementary OS Luna wallpapers
GTK/Xfwm: Greybird
Docky: Classic (removed Docky icon via gconf-editor)

Any way I can avoid seeing other people's +1's? I REALLY don't want G+ becoming like a certain other social network I know...

Ubuntu Edge: $28M in 26 days?!?

I wonder how well this is going to work...
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