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I played BANG 35 (June 25) by The Burninators on +ClueKeeper! #bang35

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We live in the future! Oh wait, maybe we don't just yet.

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Hooray, augmented reality with Zappar on CK is now live!  Try out the new free AR demo hunt, and that's just scratching the surface of what's now possible on the platform.
Thanks to our friends at +Zappar  augmented reality hunts on ClueKeeper have arrived!

Check out the free play-at-home demo hunt "Gnome Invasion" to get a taste of these new features. Gnome Invasion is available now in the "Find Hunts" section of the mobile app.

And special thanks to Genevieve Martinez of The Briar Challenge for first introducing us to the Zappar team!

If you like what you see and want to start creating hunts that feature augmented reality, visit to get started.

Also be sure to check out our new video tutorials by our own ClueKeeper Rico!

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I'm pretty excited about this. This is going to give creators on our platform the opportunity to make their hunts much more engaging and immersive than ever.
Ready for something new and awesome to take your hunts to the next level?

We're thrilled to announce that we've partnered with +Zappar to bring augmented reality clues to the platform, coming soon!

Let us know if you'd like early access to get started creating hunts with this great new feature.

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Thanks for all the hard work, great stories, and even better interviews +Curtis Chen and +DeeAnn Sole!  Sad to see SnoutCast go.

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Yay!  A +ClueKeeper write-up on +Puzzle Pile! Also, we're having a sale this weekend if you've always wanted to try one of our hunts and haven't pulled the trigger yet...
Digital puzzle hunt distribution platform, ClueKeeper, is having a 3-day sale on all self-guided puzzle hunts.

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We will miss you dearly, Paigey the dog!  Thanks for all the joy and love you brought to our lives on a daily basis.
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Sorry, +Foursquare, but the new Swarm app is just not doing it for me.

It seems all the use cases I cared most about have been either de-prioritized, spread across the two now separated apps, or removed entirely.

I'm not going to sit here and complain about it more than I already have, as I'm sure there are perfectly good reasons for this evolution, but it does leave a void that is now causing me to finally look for an alternative.

The main thing I'd like to have (again) is an easy way to check in/log the restaurants/businesses I visit, along with an equally easy way to see stats on those checkins like the last time I was at a place, or the categories of places I visit most.  Things like discounts or tips from other users at the locations or some "mayorship"-like gamification is also cool, but not strictly required. 

Any suggestions?  Is anyone else finding these changes as disappointing as I am?

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So long to the playoff beard!  #LAKings
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