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It might be really interesting to look at Google's android apps and see what it would take to 'self host' those protocols.

I'm thinking things like: Modify android to look for say at a different host (one you control) and pull email from your server that way. Similarly the push notifications, drive, contacts, etc.

Some services (maps) you probably don't want to mess with, but I suspect lots of people would value the ability to self host their data - but still make use of the rich Google apps.

This is of course very likely NOT on the right side of "correct". Google's apps are made to pair only with their services. The other alternative is to NOT use any Google apps and simply use ones that give similar functionality.

My main thought here is to better understand the APIs being used, and push to standardize them as "the way" to manage cloud interaction.

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Real life conference call.. #funny

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I've been working to bring server side JavaScript to IBM systems - specifically PowerPC. Nice to see the team his this milestone.

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Finally took the time to play the doogle - See if you can beat my time of: 16:26 #DrWhoDoodle

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This looks pretty awesome. I like how they plan to not only measure but teach too.

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Beta release of IBM SDK for Node.js(TM) is now available.

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Node.js on PowerLinux

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I may have to make these. Very cool

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Been thinking about CyanogenMod and the recent SMS 'intercept' that allows all SMS apps to transparently use a secure layer

What if someone was to introduce a way to filter/process all communication to Google? Example: contacts - do some local to your phone PGP encrypt/decrypt of contact info. Make sure it's formatted in a way that keeps Google contact info sane.

Result is Google servers never see the actual contact data, but all of your local apps work fine.

Something like:
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