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Hipster-friendly brands Byron and Deliveroo both suffered a heavy loss of face over the summer, and social media played a key role in exposing their shortcomings.

The plight of these 2 brands illustrates how relentless social media can be today, and this article highlights the issue of transparency and the increasing importance of its role in all online communication:

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Hashtags are extensions of your brand.

Often an afterthought to creative content and enticing imagery, choosing hashtags on social media requires meticulous selection as they form part of the brand recognition for any company. The key, is to know your audience:
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Good news for fashion and retail companies!

Instagram has claimed fashion brands are most likely to succeed on its platform, with one in three of its 500 million global users having bought an item of clothing they discovered while using the social network - or you know - cakes, monkey lamps, office furniture... guilty as charged!
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Live your brand. Think tirelessly about customers. Do not compromise your expectations.

Arnd Pickhardt - the marketing visionary behind the Lidl 'Surprises' campaign - gives his advice for small-medium sized businesses looking to take marketshare off some of the big boys in their field:
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"The days of 20-minute engagement are long gone”
Snapchat has launched a new 360 degree ad format for brands to provide users with a 'snackable' 10-second ad in response to dwindling consumer attention spans.

Did you know? The average adult attention span has plummeted from 12 minutes a decade ago to just 4 minutes in 2016 according to a article.

More here:

#Marketing #Snapchat #Advertising #Consumers
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Not everyone learns from the prior year’s biggest social media fails. Brands, celebrities, and social media accounts of all types continue to Tweet and post online some things that simply leaves us facepalming.

Take a look at who's really put their foot in it so far in 2016:
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2 weeks to go until the World's biggest coffee morning!
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What's new, what's hot - and what's next?

Which of these 10 megatrends will help give your business an edge in 2017:

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Beyoncé Wins The VMAs On Instagram.

While most brands might not have the stunning brand awareness of Beyonce, we believe that there is still plenty to be learned from how she conquered one of the biggest nights in music with just half a dozen images on Instagram:
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We’re taking part in the world’s biggest coffee morning!

Brandlective are a hosting a coffee catch up on the 30th of September in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support. To find out more information, click here:

You can find our office location in our bio, so we hope to see you there for this great cause!
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What do Virgin, First Direct, Google, Innocent, the BBC, the CIA and MI6 all have in common? They all need to think about their marketing tone of voice.

For more tone of voice tips and a downloadable guide, click here:

The words used on your website, in your letters, and on your products literally define how people perceive your business. The correct tone of voice can help a company distinguish itself from competitors, reinforce a brand's personality, and underpin the brand's promise to its customers.
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Brandlective Communications is an Online Marketing Agency who assist businesses and professionals get more recognition in online. We are located in London Bridge (SE1) , our client base extends through the UK, Europe, USA, Canada & Australia.

Brandlective Communications pride themselves on offering unmatched flexibility, experience and an innovative approach to seamlessly meet the individual requirements of their clients from a variety of industries. Getting positive mentions of your business, events or personal brand in the media gives credibility that you simply can’t buy. Getting coverage online should be an important part of your marketing strategy.

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