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Facebook is a much better place to find me.
Facebook is a much better place to find me.

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A photo earlier inspired me to share my own ferry routes in my current 64 player game (this was taken last week I think?).  Meet my little darlings, my Superclusters:

Hey Jay!  I'd like to be able to buy 'badge store credit' or something. 

Basically, I want to buy someone a badge or a 1-month Premium, yet I don't want to do just a $1 credit card transaction.  If I were able to give you $10 then that would set me up for this one AND the next few I want to give out without having to do a series of $1 transactions each time.  I hope that makes sense...

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Attention Awesome Community! 

I have created a new 16 player Dark Galaxy game that needs some players!  "Darkness Falls"  The Dark games I've played have definitely been the most intense, so I wanted to try one with even more players.

Settings are:
Large, Far apart starting locations
33% of galaxy to win
Start with Scanning 2
Standard settings otherwise

Hey Jay, I'm madly, madly in love with this game.  I'm sure people have had similar ideas to these in the past, but have you considered some sort of tech level-gated 'unlocks'?  I've been thinking about different carrier types.  Each would cost more than a regular carrier... $100 each?

Scanning 10 could unlock Stealth Carriers that halve the range they show up on enemy scanners. 

Range 10 could unlock Warp Carriers that move between any system at 2x speed, and combine with warpgates to move at 4x speed.

Weapons 10 could unlock Gunship Carriers that add an extra 1-2 levels of weapons tech in fights.

Banking 10 could be Trade Fleets- a shipless carrier that you send to other players... it gives them some amount of free money then becomes their Trade Fleet.  Then, hopefully, they send it back to you for the same bonus and so on.

Thanks for an amazing game!!  Keep up the fantastic work!

I was just thinking that I wish I had two names in game:  One for my Leader and one for my Empire/Race.

Hey folks!  I just started a fairly standard Dark Galaxy game with Formal Alliances enabled (and level 2 scanning!).  Should be fun, join up! 

Game is called Dark Alliances (descriptive, eh).
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