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Makerspaces and You #MakerEd
If you want to know a bit more about Making and Makerspaces, this is the post for you! I wanted to share just a few tips with anyone out there that is interested in exploring the world of Making for themselves or their students.  1. If you want your student...

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What do we do? #EdChat
On Friday, President Trump signed an executive order banning travel from specific Muslim countries for 90 days and prohibiting refugees from entering the country for 120 days. That signing brought protests around the country and responses from other countri...

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GIF Camera Fun #MakerEd
For those who have been harrassed on my Twitter feed with tons of random GIFs, here is the post that explains what I was doing for the past couple of weeks. In a recent edition of MAKE: , I saw this really cool project for a GIF Camera using a Raspberry Pi ...

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A @Snapchat Project Based Learning Attempt #EngChat #PBL
I wanted to change things up for my students the week before finals and after we finished the Mock Trial of Mark Twain. My students have been doing plenty of writing, so I was looking for something a little different. Instead of coming up with something on ...

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#ConnectedEd in 2017
I was talking with friends about the value/need of being a connected educator and it lead me to this tweet.  Should all teachers be connected educators? Are students missing out if their teacher is not connected? #MichEd #ConnectedEd — CTN (@MI_CTN) January...

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Exciting Giveaway with @Makerspaces_com & @HueHD
Giveaway!  I've partnered with and Hue to kick off the New Year with a fun giveaway. If you are looking to get started with Making in 2017, my book and the Animation Studio from HUE is an excellent place to begin. There are going to be 4 winn...

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#Make52 Challenge
Happy New Year! I'm always looking for something to challenge me in the new year. During the first week of my break, I've had a chance to tinker again and it is such a fun experience coming back to things after being buried in work. I wanted to challenge my...

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Making in 2016 #MakerEd
I have been cleaning up my Makerspace at my house and I've come across some of the fun things I've made over the course of the year and I thought I'd share my favorites. These are not in a particular order, just the ones that come to mind. Your Starter Guid...

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In Defense of the Holiday Party #EdChat
Over the past couple of weeks, I've seen a few tweets and posts about alternatives to the classroom party before going on Holiday Break. There were some nice suggestions about making the day about learning and growth, but isn't that what every other day has...

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Design for the Holidays with @DremelEdu #MakerEd
As a Dremel Idea Builder Ambassador, I love coming up with fun and different 3D based projects. The holiday season has always been a time for young students to create gifts and beautiful projects at school to take home or decorate the classroom. While there...
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