The biotech industry makes propaganda 'workbook' to influence children.

The Council for Biotechnology Information, which is an industry shill group for the companies that tinker with nature and food for profits, publishes a propaganda book to make young children feel warm and fuzzy about Frankenfoods.

Their Biotechnology Basics Activity Book actually tells children that biotechnology "is helping to improve the health of the Earth," is being used to "help the environment" and "grow more nutritious food that improves our health."

There is a heated debate about GMO foods, with advocates arguing that we need biotech to feed an overpopulated world, and opponents saying that it's a dangerous meddling with nature that has already proved to have unpredictable and very undesirable outcomes.

This "activity book" is designed to imprint on children the "pro" side of the argument. It's the Ronald McDonald approach to massive future profits.
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