Hey, Look, Everybody! Free Money! (Just Sue Apple!)

Everybody and their mother is trying to cash in on Apple’s success, or dictate the evolution of media and technology through the courts.

Shameless gold diggers, grand-standing government attorneys, vindictive rivals, patent trolls and, well, good old-fashioned morons are dragging the world’s most valuable company into court to try and get their piece of Apple’s $110 billion pile of cash.

You won’t believe some of the crazy lawsuits Apple is currently defending itself against.

Read my column: http://www.cultofmac.com/163797/hey-look-everybody-free-money-just-sue-apple/

(Pic props: https://edocs.uis.edu/Departments/LIS/Course_Pages/LIS/photos/SSWR/SSWR_2009_page_2.html )
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