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The world's only lovable tech journalist
The world's only lovable tech journalist

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Chinese mall offers ‘husband storage pods’

Wives can now “park” thier husbands in glass containers while they're shopping. The pods contain chairs and videogames from the 90s.

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Google is killing the ‘OK Google’ command from Chromebooks

It looks like every time you talk to Google, you’ll be talking to the Google Assistant.


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Your next vacuum cleaner will spy on your living room and sell the data to Amazon

The new Roomba uses a camera to map the rooms of your house.

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I was on This Week in Tech!

I had so much fun on TWiT with +Leo Laporte, +Roberto Baldwin and +Greg Ferro talking about AI, Amazon, Defcon, VR inside self-driving cars, augmented reality and much more.

Watch and subscribe!!

#twit #thisweekintech #ai #ar #vr #amazon #defcon #selfdrivingcars

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It’s important to occasionally stop and smell the storage

Love my new iPad Pro (10.5-inch). 

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Why 'experiental' marketing will be a massive IT challenge

Marketing is all about experiences now; to succeed it will need the two-letter technologies: AR, VR and A.I. And to scale it will need smartphones, selfies, live-streaming and social media.

Nobody’s ready for the programming and IT challenges ahead:

#experientialmarketing #augmentedreality #virtualreality #artificialintelligence

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That time I interviewed the Bones Brigade on Google Hangouts

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Augmented Reality is going to be fun!

This ARKit app is shown here "levitating" an iPhone.

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This Ethiopian restaurant is the highest-rated restaurant in the Bay Area

Or so I'm told. In any event, the food is spectacularly great.


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Who wants to experience the culinary adventure of a lifetime?

Our plans for the Gastronomad Barcelona Experience are close to being finalized! 

We're down to one remaining spot for a single couple. 

(Grab it now: )

Go here to find out more!:

Here's a partial list of the incredible foodie stuff we're going to enjoy:

* Traditional bread baking class with Spain's #1 baker
* Day in the Cava country tasting biodynamic bubbles with the top natural winemakers
* Grape harvesting in Penedes vineyards and winemaking the Catalonian way
* Local artisanal cheese class with expert affineur to the Michelin restaurant chefs
* Wood-fire cook-out of Catalonian delicacies
* Quality time in exclusive studio with a famous Catalonian ceramacist and artist
* Guided walk around La Boqueria Market to shop the way the locals do
* Market to kitchen to table Paella and Sangria master class taught by Catalonia’s most talented couple (who are the leaders of Barcelona’s organic food movement)
* Authentic Paella and Sangria Party!
* Perfect Mediterranean picnic and beach day
* Spanish Vermut (vermouth) class and tasting
* Tapas hopping (a.k.a. restaurant roulette) at the city's best tapa joints
* Decadent and bohemian day and night in the Gothic Quarter
* A lavish Catalan gastronomy dining experience under the stars
* Journey through Spain's best wines with Spanish cheese pairing
* Traditional market-restaurant seafood culinary experience
* Intimate and exclusive Flamenco entertainment
* Old-fashioned Spanish hot chocolate and churro respite
* And other secret surprises!

Join us!!

#gastronomad #barcelona #catalonia #barcelonaexperience
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