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Research presentation by Hanna Bensch on "the monoculture effect" on April 4
For next week's EXEB-meeting, I am pleased to welcome one of our most beloved and loyal co-workers: Hanna Bensch. Hanna has been working for many summers now with us in the damselfly project, and she also participated in our recent field sampling expedition...

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Happy New Year and new EXEB-schedule for 2017
    Posted by Erik Svensson    The year 2016 might have been a depressing year on the world political front, but at least it was very good when it comes to our very stimulating EXEB-meetings and other scientific activities in the Biology Department. Above, ...

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First EXEB-meeting of 2017: "Countdown to 150" and a discussion about why mountain tops are higher in the tropics
Posted by Erik Svensson Next week - on January 12 2017 - I am leaving together with Beatriz Willink and Hanna Bensch for a field expedition to Cameroon in Africa, where will study and collect odonates in various habitats. Given our coming field expedition t...

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Last EXEB-meeting in 2016 on December 20: hard and soft selection revisited
Posted by Erik Svensson Nathalie and I decided to have a final EXEB-meeting of the year next week anyway, even though nothing was planned. Nathalie will bring "fika", and I will introduce a review paper (hopefully a light read) on "hard" and "soft" selectio...

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Visitor statistics to the EXEB-blog: the mystery of May 2016
Posted by Erik Svensson The EXEB-blog has been running since 2009, and I occasionally check the number of visitors. I do not post as much as I did in the past, and nowadays it is mainly our forum for announcing EXEB seminars.  I used to hope that we could u...

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Welcome and congratulations to two new incoming postdocs: Maarit Mäenpää and Masahito Tsuboi!
Posted by Erik Svensson I feel very lucky that young and talented postdocs who are interested in joining my group have recently been succesful in terms of obtaining external scholarships. Here, I would like to welcome two new incoming postdocs who will offi...

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Lab meeting on December 6: Transcriptomics of sexual development without sex chromosomes
Two sexes, one genome: regulatory structure of sex-biased development without sexual chromosomes Sexual dimorphism poses a challenge for genetically-minded scientists: How can animals with near-identical genomes be so strikingly different? Existing theories...

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"Half-time seminar" by PhD-student Beatriz Willink on colour evolution in damselflies on November 29
Posted by Erik Svensson  As a proud advisor, I am pleased to announce that EXEB-member and my PhD-student Beatriz Willink will have her "Half-time seminar" next week. The title of Beatriz's talk is "Colour Evolution in Damselflies" Beatriz will present data...

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Visit and talk by Lars Lønsmann Iversen on antagonistic coevolution and polymorphisms in beetles
       Posted by Erik Svensson For next week's EXEB-meeting, we will have a visitor by a collaborator of mine from Copenhagen University (Lars Lønsmann Iversen), who will present the results of some ongoing research on diving beetle polymorphisms and antago...

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Welcome to Alfredo Rago, new postdoc in Tobias Ullers lab and in the EXEB environment
 Posted by Erik Svensson My aim is to understand how regulatory
networks evolve to integrate genetic, developmental and environmental factors. I
focus on how phenotypic evolution can be caused by changes in the interactions
between groups of heterogeneous c...
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